Monday 21 May 2018

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About our Web site

Supporting grass roots football

Soccer Weekend is a web site for football fans and grass roots football players of all ages. We provide you with your own FREE web site to support and promote your football team.

The Soccer Weekend development team
The development team at a football event in 2003

What makes us different from similar web sites?

The Soccer Weekend web site can be used free of charge, there is no annual fee for you to update your web pages. Most importantly our web site is for the whole football community to utilise, not just the league administrators. We encourage every player, manager and football fan to contribute by editing the web sites we provide. It is possible for any person to edit any page of the web site, all you need to do is register, it's that simple.

Which FREE services am I able to use?

All users who register have the ability to build league seasons, add players, publish results, distribute news stories, receive FREE e−mail alerts, text alerts, chat in discussion forums and use our soccer−mail service.

Every league, every team, every player

Soccer Weekend aims to provide a web site for teams and players from every region and every amateur league. Browse through the web site to find your local team and begin editing their web pages.

Your team's FREE web site

To see how your own team's web site will function visit the Yarnfield College home page. Here you will see the team's league results, fixtures, players, news and match reports. All the information is entered by the players and supporters of this amateur football club from Staffordshire.

New features and updates are made available to you every month, if you have a request or a question about any of the services we provide please contact us.