Sunday 22 Apr 2018

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About our Web site

New features available on the web site

We are constantly adding new features, responding to requests from users for new facilities and making alterations to the web site to aid usability. More recent updates are detailed below in case you have overlooked their introduction.

Start your own blog
Every user has their own blog to express their opinions and post daily thoughts. Visitors can read other user's blogs and contact the author through their public home pages. Every registered user can add pages using their blog editor.

Receive FREE text messages
At the start of each calendar month all registered users will receive FREE text messages depending on their activity during the previous month.

Official status for web sites
An official star is assigned to leagues, divisions and teams that are recognised as containing true and accurate information, to inform our visitors that the editor's web sites have the approval of their peers. If you would like your team, division or league validated by our assessors please contact us stating which home pages you would like us to validate.

New SMS text alert service
As a supporter of any team you can choose to recieve text messages informing you of results, events and important team news.

Send text messages to your friends
You can now send text messages to your friends mobile using our online text message service. Team organisers can send bulk messages to players and supporters to inform them of late postponements and urgent team news.

Team site of the month
The site of the month is awarded to a team web site which is maintained regularly, populated with up-to-date information and a good example for other editors to follow. The power editor of the winning team will also be awarded 50 FREE text messages.

User levels added
You are now provided with an indication of the experience each user has on the web site by reviewing their user level. The first stage will see the user become a Trainee. They are then able to progress to Amateur, Semi-professional, Professional and eventually to Veteran user status.

Search team scouts and transfer list
You are now able to filter the transfer list to target the playing position you require and the desired location of the player on the list. As a player looking for a new challenge you can search the scouting teams for football clubs in your region.

Associate your team with others
If you have several teams playing under one banner you are able to link all these teams together using our new associated team facility. You can now to browse from the first team web site to the reserves and then on to the youth team web site with ease.

Team form guide
Each division now contains a page displaying the form of each team during the current season. You are able to select the number of matches to review each team's form over a given period of time.

Detail match events
You can now add match incidents and significant events to each match to build up a match report. Each event described can be related to a player and will appear in their match event log.

Top goal scorers, creative players, and offenders
See how your players compare with the opposition. There is now a chart for leading goal scorers, player appearances, cautions, creativity and top players within each division.

Pyramid news stories
When you add a news story to your team the story will now automatically appear in your division's news list. This feature will also apply to player news, division news and league news, promoting the news story to the level above.

Knockout cup matches
Knockout tournaments can now be added to your web site's fixtures, results and statistics. Each tournament can consist of any number of stages or rounds, and include teams from any other league on the web site.

Enter full fixture lists
You can now add the full list of matchday fixtures and results on one page instead of individual pages. This enables you to add matches and results using the season editor far quicker, automatically updating your league table and match statistics.

Player ratings and goal assists
You can now record the good work of those player's who set up the goals for your team's goal hangers. A player can be credited with an assist to each goal and every player in the team can be given a rating for each match.

User information
You can now view information about other users and discover which teams, players and leagues the user has the power to edit.

New help section
To assist you in using the web site we have added a help section and an editor's assistant to guide you through the process of adding content to your web pages. We will encourage everyone to use the help forum to assist other editors with problems and queries

Enhanced web site editing
The web site has been redesigned to make if far easier to find the pages and tools you need to edit your web pages. There are numerous new facilities including the ability to moderate discussion forums effectively.

Management sack race
An emphasis and urgency has been placed on editing each web site and therefore power editors will be sacked if they do not maintain their web sites regularly. This applies to assistant editors too, although the length of time before they are sacked is 60 days as opposed to 30 days for power editors. As long as you login regularly you will avoid the embarrassment of appearing on the sack race leader board.

Improved image upload facility
The image upload facility will now automatically resize the images you upload to the appropriate resolution and compress the file size to the optimum level. You can also upload images to every news story and information page for each player, team and league you manage.

Opinion polls
Gauge the views of your audience by adding topical opinion polls to your web site. Ask who is the best player during a season or what was the team's best performance or which pub you prefer to visit after a match?

League and team information pages
You can now add pages of information to your team, league or player's web site as well as news stories and match reports. These can include fixed information such as rules and regulations, training schedules, image galleries or minutes of meetings. Perhaps post page sections with details of social activities, golf societies, how to join the club or any other information you want to be available at all times on the web site and not hidden in the news archive.

New match information
Additional match statistics allow you to add the team captains, match referees, club managers and the attendance for each game. You can also add the starting line-up for your team on one page instead on individual pages, speeding up entry of match reports and results.

More fan zone discussion forums
The fan zone has been expanded to include leagues, players and general discussions. You can gossip about any item on the web site; rave about your favourite player, ask for help from other users or criticise your own team.

Player of the match votes
For seven days following each game you can cast your vote for the player of the match. You are only able to cast one vote per match with the winner highlighted in the match report.

Added player statistics
In addition to the new web pages that can be added for each player you can now enter the career statistics acheived before a player was added to the web site. This enables you to quickly add the correct statistics for new players without adding every match they have appeared in.

Most active statistics
Each day we will post the most active users, teams, players and news stories on the web site for the previous twenty-four hour period. If you missed a popular match report or discussion topic you will find them in our most active list.

Direct league table amendments
In addition to the existing point deductions you are now able to amend the league tables directly as an alternative to entering every match result. This will allow you to add in previous season's standings in no time at all, without adding every result for each team during a season.

New advanced search
To help you find the team, player or new story we have added an advanced search enabling you to refine your search request. You can also search the fan zone and any information page on the web site.

Improved mail service
The Soccer Weekend mail service has been enhanced to promote communication between editors and users. You will be prompted to open unread messages and reply to requests for information.

Web site re-design
To improve usability the entire web site has been re-designed to cope with all the new features we have added to the site. This includes enhanced design options that you can choose for each team, altering the background and text colours to match your team livery.

Web site accessibility
To enable more people to have access to our services we have made every effort to ensure that this web site is designed to be as accessible as possible, based on recognised accessibility guidelines and standards.