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About our Web site

General terms and conditions of business's services are operated by Soccer Weekend Limited, in the United Kingdom. Soccer Weekend Limited provides various information and services about to all registered members.

II. Scope

Subscription to the Soccer Weekend services is based on the following conditions. By registering with Soccer Weekend and using the offered services, the user declares himself to be in agreement with the applicable law and these terms and conditions of business for using Soccer Weekend services.

III. Registration conditions

Certain Soccer Weekend services can only be used after registering as a member. A member can be anyone who has fully and truthfully completed the registration form ('registration data'). As a result, the user receives a member name and a password ('user data'). The member is obligated to update the registration data. The member must keep the user data secret. The registration is free.

Every member can only have one membership and claim the advantages associated with it. The membership and services associated with Soccer Weekend services, must only be used for the person's exclusive consumption and they are not transferable.

IV. Responsibility for minors

Minors can register to receive free Soccer Weekend services for which registration is compulsory, insofar as they are aware of the consequences for consenting to the processing and use of their data. They must also understand the significance of such a consent.

In the event that parents or guardians consent to minors using the Soccer Weekend services for which registration is compulsory, they accept their responsibility for the conduct of minors online, the access controls, as well as for the consequences arising from misuse of Soccer Weekend services by minors. The parents or guardians are also aware of the fact that some offers made by Soccer Weekend's web site comprise contents which are unsuitable for minors.

V. Data protection

Soccer Weekend respects the user's privacy and meets all applicable conditions for data protection most stringently. Personal data which Soccer Weekend collects or processes within the scope of registration as well as for carrying out Soccer Weekend services, will be only used by Soccer Weekend within the scope of legal regulations. Insofar as the laws intend the member's consent for a certain type of data use, the member can refuse his consent by deactivating the appropriate switch panel during the registration process. The member can withdraw a previously given consent at any time, by e-mail to We are registered with the UK Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act 1998 (Registration Number PZ7787727).

VI. Material protected by copyright

All material within the Soccer Weekend web site, including all texts, software, the source codes for HTML, Java and Flash, photos, videos, graphics, music and sounds, is protected by copyright and indeed both for individual usage as well as collection. The downloading and use of material protected by copyright - which has been provided by Soccer Weekend or a third party - is permitted for the member's exclusively private consumption; insofar as this activity occurs within the scope of applicable legal stipulations and these business conditions. However, members cannot use this material beyond this scope to duplicate, replicate, transmit, market, publish, or commercially exploit it by other means in an electronic or other form within another data format, or in other ways.

VII. Links

Soccer Weekend or third parties can create links to other web pages ('sites') or sources. Soccer Weekend has no means of control whatsoever at its disposal for such sites and sources and it is not responsible or liable for the availability of such external sites or sources. It does not admit contents which are accessible on such sites or from such sources and it excludes any liability or warranty regarding them, insofar as no positive knowledge of the content's illegality exists. The links and search results in particular, are mainly generated by automatic processes and they cannot by checked by Soccer Weekend's employees in any way, on account of their large number. In the event that a link to an external page is found on Soccer Weekend pages - which is disseminating illegal contents from third party pages - then Soccer Weekend will remove the link to such a page, with appropriate advice.

VIII. Warranty exclusion and liability limitations

The use of Soccer Weekend services is made at the user's own risk. Soccer Weekend does not undertake any liability for providing Soccer Weekend services at any time without interruption, or for any particular time, or securely and faultlessly. Information and advice which the user receives within the scope of Soccer Weekend services - whether it be on web sites, by e-mail or fax, in writing or orally - does not justify any warranty whatsoever from Soccer Weekend; insofar as this warranty has not been expressly agreed. Soccer Weekend is only liable for damages which have arisen to users from a wilful or grossly negligent act of Soccer Weekend's representative, employee or Soccer Weekend's subcontractors and which are still typical damages to the extent that they are foreseeable. The liability for official measures, labour disputes, force majeure, natural catastrophes and accidental damages is excluded if they arise through no fault of Soccer Weekend. The user is aware that Soccer Weekend services cannot be provided in the offered form, without the above-mentioned warranty exclusion and liability limitations.

IX. Modifications to services

For free services, Soccer Weekend can determine at its discretion which services are to be provided and to what extent. Limitations, extensions and other modifications of these services by Soccer Weekend are permissible at any time and they are likewise subject to the following conditions for subscribers.

Insofar as free services are offered, Soccer Weekend reserves the right to adjust them at any time to the latest technological developments and respective legal situation.

X. Modifications to terms and conditions of business

Soccer Weekend reserves the right to modify these general terms and conditions of business. Soccer Weekend will inform the member about a modification by e-mail and request his agreement. If the member continues using the services one month after receipt of the agreement request, then the agreement is considered to be given.

The member consents to the use of his e-mail address by Soccer Weekend, for the purpose of giving information about modifications to services and terms and conditions of business. This consent is the necessary precondition for using Soccer Weekend services and it applies irrespective of refusing a consent according to clause V (data protection).

XI. Giving notice for terminating membership

Soccer Weekend is entitled to give notice for terminating the contractual agreement with the member at any time, without a time-limit and without information about the reasons for giving the notice of termination. Likewise, it can refuse access to a part of its service or to the whole service. Soccer Weekend will make use of this entitlement in particular, if the member does not keep to the applicable law and these terms and conditions of business, or if the member has not used the services within the previous 6 months.

The member can give Soccer Weekend notice for terminating the membership at any time by e-mail to, without giving information about reasons. When the notice of termination becomes effective, Soccer Weekend has the right to delete any data which the member has input or sent through the Soccer Weekend network.

XII. Guidelines for individual services

Soccer Weekend offers various services. These services are different according to their purpose and nature. The following conditions apply supplementary for using the individual services.

The member undertakes to protect access to the service from unauthorised use by third parties. In this respect, Soccer Weekend refers to the fact that user data (member's name and password) must not be passed on to others. The member is liable for every unauthorised use of his user data caused by his conduct, insofar that a fault occurs. Insofar as the member is aware that his user data could have become accessible to third parties, he is obligated to modify his password. In the event that it is impossible for him to do so, he must immediately inform Soccer Weekend by e-mail to

1. Provision of home pages

The member will be provided with storage space for setting up a private homepage on the world-wide web. Insofar as Soccer Weekend provides the members' internet pages, Soccer Weekend is not responsible for the contents published there, as long as Soccer Weekend has no knowledge of them. These contents are outside contents with respect to Soccer Weekend. Soccer Weekend does not in any way monitor contents prior to their publication on a member page. Nevertheless, Soccer Weekend reserves the right to remove any page supplied by Soccer Weekend, at its discretion. Soccer Weekend does not undertake any warranty that members' internet pages will always be reachable. Soccer Weekend is not liable for damage which arises from interrupted access to member pages, or due to the loss of data which has been input by the member. The member is himself responsible for monitoring and securing his pages. Every member is responsible for his pages being in accordance with all applicable laws.

In particular, the following contents are not allowed:

a) any use of works protected by copyright, without the express permission of the copyright holder or the exploitation right's proprietor: in particular, no musical works or third party's software must be offered for downloading or copied in other ways, without consent (or agreement) for it having been expressly given;
b) the dissemination of any type of commercial advertising;
c) dissemination of contents which it is legally forbidden to disseminate;
d) dissemination of pornographic publications and representations;
e) making requests and committing criminal offences, or contributing to them;
f) material which libels, insults or threatens others.

By setting up a web page and associated contents in the Soccer Weekend web site, the member grants Soccer Weekend unlimited textual rights for the associated contents to be used world-wide, free of charge and non-exclusively i.e., copied, transmitted and publicly presented, integrated in compilations and distributed. This right is limited to the purpose of publishing and applying for the member's web page within - and associated with - the service selected by the member, or within the Soccer Weekend web site. This licence ends when all of the advertising promotions that are still continuing in the effective notice period, are finished. The member grants Soccer Weekend the right to operate advertising on web pages set up on the Soccer Weekend.

2. Inquiries, chat rooms and conferences

The prerequisites for functioning communication between members and an optimum use of Soccer Weekend services by individuals, are that the members treat each other respectfully and keep to certain rules of conduct. These duties include, that the members do not say or write anything injurious, libellous, insulting, threatening, obscene, racist or otherwise illegal in chat rooms, conferences or contact advertisement ('members' pages'); either by e-mails or by contributions to Soccer Weekend inquiries. The members are obligated to take account of the cultural and religious interests and opinions of other subscribers.

The Soccer Weekend members' pages shall provide private persons with a forum for expressing and forming their opinions and for becoming mutually acquainted. Therefore, commercials or any other form of commercial advertising by members - especially for other web sites - are not allowed.

Soccer Weekend reserves the right to delete contributions or parts of them which do not correspond to the above-mentioned rules and to completely block access to the Soccer Weekend member's page.

Soccer Weekend makes reference to the fact that identities, statements and information from persons which circulate on the internet can be false and Soccer Weekend does not warrant the conduct of third parties in any way whatsoever, irrespective of where it takes place. In particular, Soccer Weekend is not liable for third parties handling data and information which a member has made accessible to other members or third parties, within the scope of a Soccer Weekend service.

1st April 2010