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League of Wales

RedRiley | 22:36 18 October 2007

I am a fan of the LOW.

Cant find any discussion on it, so it starts here!

Please post any and all thoughts & opinions here.

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18 Oct 2007

League of Wales
I am sure most of you will have already heard about the whole MyFootballClub project which has been under way for some time now.

The concept is pretty solid and will certainly work.

But what if this was done (or something similar) in Wales?

Say a 100 or so football fans get together and all chip in say £100 a year to buy/takeover a Welsh football club.

The guarentee that there would be money each year would mean massive things in the LOW, say you did a club in the Clwyd league, straight away you would have more finances than anyone else.

Each person could be a Director of the club etc in a simiar fashion to MyFootballClub (except with smaller numbers we could have more say over what happens).

Could be a massive boost for grass roots football in Wales, get involved with local schools football facilities etc

Any thoughts?

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