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Grassroots Football Funds for your club

5050 Grassroots Football Development | 20:13 02 March 2010

I would like to tell you about the exciting opportunities that present themselves by the recently launched 50:50 Grassroots Football Lottery.From every £10 ticket that is purchased, 5050 Grassroots Development will:
Provide funds for Football in the Community i.e. YOUR club and YOUR League. Make a donation to a registered charity of the Leagues choice
Make a substantial donation to a registered charity Grassroots Development Foundation. Participant will be entered into Local monthly draws with the opportunity to win big cash prizes.
And here is the exciting piece...5050 Grassroots is looking for clubs to introduce the 5050 Grassroots Development so that we can raise money for your club and league.This does not involve any extra work so why not help develop young football stars further.Please dont hesitate to contact me.

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5050 Grassroots Football Development
2 Mar 2010

Contact information
For more information please contact Liam Loynd on 07728369327 or e-mail me at and i will answer any questions you may have.

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