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How do I setup my web site?

How do I setup my web site? image

12 December 2005 | administrator
To add a new web site you will first need to register and login. You will be required to enter a valid e-mail address which will be verified when we send you a confirmation e-mail.

Where do I add my team?

Where do I add my team? image

11 December 2005 | administrator
Before you add a new team we suggest you search the site to see if the team or their league has already been added by another user. If the team already exists please submit an application to edit that web site and follow the instructions.

What if my club has more than one team?

27 January 2006 | administrator
You can add as many leagues and teams as you want. All are free to be added and edited.

When do I receive free credits?

20 January 2006 | administrator
You will receive free credits at the start of each month. The number you receive is based on how often you visit the web site and update information. You also receive one free credit when you initially register with the web site to allow you to sample the text alert service.

How do I send text messages to my friends?

23 January 2006 | administrator
You are able to send text messages to your friends and other users if you have available credits in your account. To send a message to your friends you will need to add them to your my friends list and ask them to enter a valid mobile phone number, if they have not already done so. An icon will be displayed if their mobile phone number has been validated.

Where do I add players?

07 December 2005 | administrator
You can either add players to a team using the team editor or add a new player as a free agent to the web site. Your team must be part of a league season before you can add any new players.

When do I receive free team e-mail alerts?

08 December 2005 | administrator
As a supporter of any team you can choose to recieve FREE e-mail messages informing you of results, events and important team news. These updates will be sent to the e-mail address specified in your personal profile.

How do I receive mobile text alerts?

04 January 2006 | administrator
You need to purchase text credits from your Soccer Weekend account to enable you to send and receive text messages. Once you have paid for a bundle of text messages you can select which teams you wish to receive news alerts from.

How do I add matches?

09 December 2005 | administrator
You need to have a least two teams in a league season in order to add a league fixture. Using the team editor fixtures and results can be added easily by selecting the date and time of the match.

How do I add new web pages?

09 December 2005 | administrator
Go to my web page editor and then select my team editor or my league editor. Choose the team or league you wish to edit and then select an option from the left hand menu, for example click on information pages.

18 pages found
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