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badger | 23:07 25 September 2010

where has all the craic gone off this site? it seems hurst green have got there own little book club. no rimmy lads chip in anymore since big kersh got his red card. it looks like enfield lads have been locked up for ******y and the read and l
angho lads are still trying to count there own fingers to make sure they dont have 5 on each hand.

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craic?????? responses
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6 Nov 2010

just to ask if the websites and twitter pages are worth doing?have hg and rimi having more fun locked in their own little world?is it financially worth it?does the new east lancs site have a discussion page and if not should it?

Player One
11 Oct 2010

To be fair although the game was probably won after 20 minutes, you boys kept going till the very end and were perhaps unlucky not to get yourselves on the scoresheet. A couple of goods stops from our keeper helped us see the game out.

11 Oct 2010

Game was over after 20 mins. Some good play and poor defending allowed Langho to be three up and that was that. We did eventually start to play and were the better side second half without creating much. Well done lads - best side we have played so far.

That said we are pretty pleased with the start to the season losing only twice and were probarbly due a stuffing.

Player One
11 Oct 2010

there has been a distinct lack of comedy during/in the build up to ours games, and as such I have no material to satisfy my readers. Also, since a lot of clubs no longer seem to be affiliated with this site, I believe I would only be talking to myself. If the traffic increases on this site, then they may make a return. Hopefully Stobsi will kindly write a report for last Saturdays game.

11 Oct 2010

player 1
maybe you will start writing your match reports again? bit of light reading to distract me at work is long overdue! i think thats a big reason no one uses this sight anymore!

Player One
11 Oct 2010

I seem to have been bitten by the bug again, thanks Badger and Stobsi. Allow me to give you a more serious answer...It is a shame that this site has gone downhill, as there was some top banter last season. Mascheranos Teeth and the East Lancs Guru would certainly be welcomed back with open arms. Rimingtons and Hurst Greens new site certainly hasnt helped, nor has the new league site. All these factors combined has made for a pretty gash site! I think ultimately most teams have elected to let the football do the talking. Speaking of football, it seems as though Rimington are again favourites, being the only unbeaten side, although it would be nice to see them play two weeks in a row. Hurst Green and Canberra are again strong. The addition of Pendle Forrest and BGSOB has only strengthened the league both already proving capable of an upset. Langho have had a hot and cold start and both Enfield and Read seem to have imploded.

Player One
10 Oct 2010

NO CRAIC - Final Thoughts
1. there are now 4 burnley teams in this league. when i travel to places on earth that smell like king kongs condom i struggle to find any sort of motivation to comment about my saturday afternoon.
2. **** banter. I mean, come on, really? am i reading this correctly? you are challenging people who quite clearly dont finger their sisters in the bath to count the quantity of fingers on their hands? I cant help but cringe, you must have have been biting down on the biggest bag of cotton wool ever whilst you were typing that on your ****-stained keyboard.
3. members posting random depressing questions that irritate every player in the league. so much so that website was created so that people like you cant waste our time. ive probably spent 17 minutes of my life reading your thoughtless threads, and i will never get those back. For this reason, please consult a family member before using your feet to access the internet.

10 Oct 2010

I do miss some of the comments tho

Player One
10 Oct 2010

my reason for not commenting on this site is nothing to do with Langhos poor start, its because of the utterly w@nk banter - the kind of banter that I would only expect from an infant.

1 Oct 2010

Poor start
The Read team all DID have 5 fingers but after last night were back down to 4 each after leaving 1 apiece in your mrss arse! She can keep hold of them if she likes..

As for our dire start to the season, lack of competition for places and lack of effort has meant our first start to the season in 5 years.

Hopefully we can turn a corner tomorrow against Colne...

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