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One off or worrying trend?

thegame | 17:57 30 October 2010

How often do Rimington and Hurst Green lose on the same weekend?

Thoughts anybody?

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One off or worrying trend? responses
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12 Nov 2010

Looks like the exclamation marks didnt give away the level of sarcasm that was attributed to the scorline comment.
And all you ever hear is how the mighty, bottomless pit of wasted money, blue army is going to dominate English football forever, from every source of media, unless you live on Mars.

Anyway games off.

12 Nov 2010

City wont win the premiership, not sure u bin talkin to n I have heard its worse than townley? I also predict a different scoreline either way. Not the boldest of statements mind...

12 Nov 2010

Fingers Crossed
Id also heard that City was going to win the Premiership, but you cant believe everything you hear. Hopefully the surface will not have deteriorated to the same standard as pitch 2 up Towneley!, so we may get a game. Think it may be a different score to the last game, one way or another!!

12 Nov 2010

Cheers dan, think Tappy cud regret his comments come tomorrow evening. That said is there any chance of there being a game? Heard bank hall is a right state? Farmers field the expression used...

11 Nov 2010

back up!!
a very touching verse that dan about the free scoring mr stobbs,thank my lucky stars im not in the trenches with you grammer boys,its took a full week deciding whether to back him up or not,surely after such long service to the cause .......he deserves better than that

Dan Ternent
11 Nov 2010

Tappy - A valued, committed member of the squad is Stobbsy, leave him alone!!!!!

He has made the step up from the reserves and scored some important goals for us this season - A pleasure to have in the club, many amateur players could do with taking a leaf out of his book in terms of his characteristics. He has made a great contribution to BGSOB making a credible start in the 1st Division and it is great for the players to know they can move up from the reserves.

6 Nov 2010

nice one
hey thats miles better,its just abit of craic stobbsi thats all,im glad you can take it in your stride.......cant wait fir next week now

6 Nov 2010

The one
A response would be for this ageing centre forward to prove the critics wrong once again in 7 days time at Bank Hall. Maybe not a start as this reserve team regualr would not warrant that but a late introduction followed by a winner would be the only correct response....

5 Nov 2010

in the distance
the image i get from your last comment is a man walking towards the sunset,head down,shoulders drooped,a man ripping his last chance bookies ticket up!!come on up eh!we deserve a better response than that sarcastic retort

5 Nov 2010

Must be the drop in standard then..

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