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Team Mates by Old Man Mike.

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14 March 2007 | Old_Man_Mike

Questions and Answers Soccer AM Style: The real truth about the Connaught Blues players.

Best Trainer: Theres a handful of people that always turn up. Id have to go for Pete McClogolococolin.

Worst Trainer: Luke Dunne when it comes to keepy upy tennis. Its either a good effort or goes miles over the furthest away fence.

Fastest Player: Ben Djibril Chimbonda Ehiogu Slade is not slow but then neither is masshead. Its between those two.

Slowest Player: Batesy by a mile. Its nothing to do with fitness and everything to do with the 10 pints he consumes on a Saturday night.

Most Skillful: As a defender Id have to go for the Frog. Simply for the Cruyff turns that he busts out against the opposition strikers.

Ivorinho FYI visit:

Least Skillful: It goes without saying that no one at Connaught Blues falls into this catagory. Ive heard that you need to be speaking to the whole of the Ex-Blues side.

Most Intelligent: Al Charlton of course. The master of everything tactical. His knowledge is so critically important that with even a minute remaining before kick off no one in the squad knows whos starting or where theyre playing.

Trying to be Intelligent: Egg noticed that Wilsonators patractor fell out of his pocket after the game on the weekend.

Least Intelligent: Im often told by Ivorinho and a member of our elite training staff that my mind is not on football. So this would obviously have to be me.

Best Taste In Music: Wilsonator by a mile.

Worst Taste In Music: Knibbsy easily! Simply for the cheesey 80s tunes that he blasts out of his 6x9s. He has single handidly ruined the reputation of the Renault Clio.

Longest In The Shower: Its between Chris, Greg and Ben. The only people that actually have a shower after a game.

Best Dressed: Old Man Mike. It goes without saying.

Worst Dressed: A tough one to call, until Knibbsy spotted farmer Al on the weekend.

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