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19 August 2007 | spuff

Just a quick heads up to all players and staff

I know this is a bit early but as its our first game, a new beginning and we seem to have a large squad - Please can you let me know if you are definately available for the game on Monday 27th August 2007 at home against Wilstead Reserves. The game will KO at 2.30 at a venue to be confirmed.

Please can you let me know if you are available by Wednesday 22nd August 2007.

Also - this season it is very important everybody pays their subs every week without fail. The club cannot afford to carry any players, especially financially. To put you in the picture if players start to forget their subs we can safely say the team will fold.

Subs are:

A fiver for over 18s if you play the full 90 minutes
2.50 for over 18s if you are subbed during the match
2.50 for under 18s playing a full 90 minutes
1.50 for under 18s if you are subbed during the match

Everyone will also be expected to take their turn with washing the kit & ironing mine too :)

Im looking forward to seeing you all in action soon - take it easy

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