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Disapointment as Flames lack spark at Norman park.

Disapointment as Flames lack spark at Norman park. image
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21 August 2007 | GRANTYBOY

Flames beaten 2-0 by Mllburn Fc of the Croydon League

Morale was high after last weeks victory over Golden lion, and the Flames wanted to continue with the good football they played last week,they also featured 2 more trialists, Chris Christofferson and Dean Crystal. After a shakey start they saw more of the ball and started passing better. There were times when a few of the lads looked paniked by the menacing looking milburn, who had some huge players but it was the Flames who had the better of the few chances in a somewhat even first half which ended 0-0

Normally half time is an incident free zone, well not today it wasnt my friends, as the ref, who in my opinion lost controll of the game half way through the first half, lost possesion of the ball to the opposing team who had been complaining all half to swap the ball as it was too flat, to which the ref declined after a thorough check. Milburn then broke a valve off in the ball, which ment the ref had to get another match ball, this infuriated stand-in captain grant taylor who was at this stage very fed up with the referees inability to make a decision for himself. The ref then had a quiet word in Taylors shell and got on with the game. Taylor said the ball is the referees responsibility, at half time, he should pick up the ball and keep it with him, if he did his job propperly this wouldnt have happened

Anyway back to the matter at hand, the Flames had kick off and started well, Milburn didnt know wether they was coming or going in the first ten, as the Flames passed the ball well. And it was the Flames who had the first good chance of the half when a cheeky little ball was slipped through to new boy Luke who muscled his way past the last defender only to be thwarted by the big goalkeeper who, in my opinion had a great game, although had little to do.
Niether team looked like scoring and Milburn then decided to put the Flames under some pressure, the Milburn midfield pressed on and got more of the possesion and then it happened, a great ball in from the right wing which was ready to be met by a host of players, but the man who got on the end of it was Dave smith, a great sliding finish to make it 1-0, was just a shame that it was in his own goal! (dont worry ying, weve all been there) It was tough on the Flames as they seemed to start the half better, it was even tougher as the opposing team didnt even have a shot on goal even when the goal was scored. It was a real shame as the defence as always, played very well and worked for the team, many of the attacks started from our own half!

The ref then stole the headlines again, Crash aka yang was pulled down in his own box by a michael jackson lookalike and the appeals came thick and fast, but the ref, who Bret thaught was on cocaine, just ignored the pleas as milburn went on to have an attemp on goal, Taylor, as any good captain would, appealed to the ref. The ref, then got very aggressive and started shouting in his face to the amusement of the spectators. Grants card was marked and he knew it. His first ever card of his career was given about 8 minuites after when as Milburn went to take a free kick, he put his foot in the way of the ball to delay play (as had happened a few times in the oprevious half) This time the ref reached for his pocket book and gave taylor a yellow.

An impressive display from utility man brett cox kept out the assault on goal Milburn braught, and the defenders palyed very well, covering the lazy captain who was very upset at his card givings. Newboys dean and chris played well and got stuck into the game but it was no use ad Milburn went 2-0 up after a cheeky shot made it passed the on form goalkeeper. After that the game more or less fizzed out as the flames spark disapeared and heads dropped. But As this is a tournament, no one was disapointed for long as they all got low down and dirty in thier very first team shower!

After the game pete was asked how he felt about the loss he simply said disapointed.

Team: brett/colin/stu/terry/dave/booth/anj/grant(c)/dean/sean/luke

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