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Mysterious Ratings Scam.

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16 September 2008 | Elvis

Player ratings scandal rocks Sheerness East to the core.

A mysterious occurence has been found regarding the ratings for the cup match against Park Lane reserves. The last thing anybody saw of Nick Grindleys match rating was in an e-mail when team boss gave him a respectable score of 7. Somewhere between the said e-mail and the editing of the Sheerness East website, however, the score has jumped up a point to a rating of a more than respectable score of 8. Add to this the curious dropping of Martin Bakers realistic rating of 8 to an unfair 7 and we see why some of the tabloids are suspecting a conspiracy. A Sheerness East representative, who wishes to remain anonymous, is calling for any clues as to how this miscarriage of justice may have occurred. Please add your ideas and hopefully well get to the bottom of this sad state of affairs.
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Im Steve Pickard, Goodnight.

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