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Division One

Rangers Recover From Shocking Start To Batter Jagex...

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14 December 2014 | Nader_Khalifa

8-3 from 3-0 down...

Long Road 8 - 3 JagexGuys, I will start by saying what I did before todays game, at 3-0 down and once more at half time.... It isnt always possible for us to win by playing our Tiki Taka football. Winter matches especially on pitches like Coldhams Common are not going to make playing our football easy. Nuff said on this topic, hopefully having to adapt to a more direct style to get us the win in the last two matches means we have now learnt our lesson.So to todays game, Long Road turned up and got beat by Jagex, thankfully Lloyd got out of bed today and scored 6 goals to save the day so in fact the above statement is factualy incorrect Long Road managed a 8-3 win after being 3-0 down within 25mins.

With BT filling in at CB due to Jordan running a touch late, Simo filling in at Left back due to Geo not making it and me in goal we only had Goochy and Baker as recognised defenders and boy it showed. Some awful defending gifted a good Jagex striker 3 goals. Each time we stopped and expected a flag for offside that didnt come and left me with no chance of saving from 5/6 yards out. All three goals were a carbon copy. 443 clearly wasnt worth playing, it allowed them access down the wings where the pitch was playable and forced us to play football through the centre where it really wasnt! A shuffle to 442 and Lloyd up top gave us a change in fortune. Lloyd went into Beast mode scoring 6 goals and assisting 2, lobbing their keeper 4 times and scoring a header whilst sat on his ass. Mikey Also got a brace and set 2 up.

Mike and Lloyd had a great partnership up front and both worked really hard. 8 Goals between them and 6 Assists is truely as good of a return from a 2 man strike force iv seen in a Long Road display. With Baker taking a VERY hard shot to the nutsack from 6 yards with a goal saving block we had to bring him of and bring Jordan on who I have to say was the best player on the pitch that didnt play up front, The min he came on he was winning headers, clearing our lines, talking and organising and coming out the back with the ball. Such a great signing for the mighty LRR.From 3-0 down, a couple of quick goals from Capt Marvel for the day got us in at half time 3-2.

We focused the half time chat around being more direct and cutting out the errors, but the mood was good and we knew we were back in this and if anything we had them on the ropes. A ten min period at the start of the second half saw us score 3 quick goals to give us a 5-3 lead to which Jagex had nothing in reply and had run out of steam. As 5-3 then turned into 8-3 we left gaps going gun ho for them to attack but they failed to take any of these and truth be told we could have had double figs, Idris missing a decent chance first half, Mikey trying to Messi it into the goal second half plus a few others. I had very little to do in goal bar picking the ball out the net 3 times possibly could have been quicker of my line and talked more to back four but dont forget guys im no keeper and do the job to save you guys having to do it so no whinging at me lol. Goochy was reliable as ever but pal gotta listen when we change tactics pal. Bakers last bit of action probably saved us a potential goal, hope the sack is on piece pal. BT looked much better when Jordy was in there with him and a thank you to BT for playing in there today. Simo did a great job at left back except when he was tying up his shoe lace and played their striker onside for the 3rd goal ; ). Jordy excellent as already stated. Taylor did well but weirdly did even better when there was only 2 in there superb pal and is it just me or is this the fittest iv seen Taylor in 10 years?? Alex did well even though he was still ****ed must have nutmegged about 8 players in total some nice touches in tough conditions. Ussi and Idris had quieter games than I know they are capable of but lets not forget thay are young still 16 and still put major shifts in, they came into it a lot more as RM and LMs and being young fit tracked back very well to support their FBs. Mikey was excellent as good as I have seen him in a season or two. Was able to give Dan a run out today as well who for a big lad that hasnt played football in a long time showed some nice touches and was unlucky not to get on the score sheet himself. However It shouldnt take too many people by suprise that I find myself handing out a 10 for the second week in a row. Not sure iv seen anyone score 6 goals in a game for Long Road before so MOM obviously goes to Lloyd. They couldnt handle him at all, whether it was Ariel, to feet, running in behind them or down the channel they were clueless, I have an idea for them, when he is in that mood just go rent a monster truck and mow the ****er down.

The match was a kindly reminder however to make sure we are available as much as possible. Once the league is wrapped up there will be plenty of playing time for everyone. Melbourn lost last week so we are now 3 poinst behind them but with 2 games in hand which I am trying to get a game arranged for next week to bring the gap down.Well done again guys another display of grit and determination which shows just what we are about at Long Road.


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