Saturday 17 Mar 2018

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Most recent leagues

Leicestershire Church League Cup Group A - England
Peterborough Sunday Morning - England
Mid Solent Youth Football League - England
Redwood Academy - England

Latest divisions

DIVISION 4 - Huddersfield & District
Church cup group C - Leicestershire Church League
Leicestershire Church League Cup Group B 2015/16 - Leicestershire Church League
Group A - Leicestershire Church League Cup Group A

Most recent tournaments

Huddersfield fa cup - West Riding
Midlands Church Cup - Leicestershire & Rutland
sheffield cup 2016/17 - West Riding
groom cup 2016/17 - West Riding
challenge cup - West Riding

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Xtras United
Bridon AFC Reserves
Black Bull
Trinity Supporters Club O35s
Peacock FC
Sporting Cav

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Ben Spence
Cameron Hardy
Aiden Ramkissoon
Samson Adejoh
Preet Dhinsa
James Whitaker
Grigore Mihai Alexandru

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Kelvin Elson-Whittaker
Trent Lynch
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