Sunday 23 Jul 2017

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Most recent leagues

Leicestershire Church League Cup Group A - England
Peterborough Sunday Morning - England
Mid Solent Youth Football League - England
Redwood Academy - England

Latest divisions

DIVISION 4 - Huddersfield & District
Church cup group C - Leicestershire Church League
Leicestershire Church League Cup Group B 2015/16 - Leicestershire Church League
Group A - Leicestershire Church League Cup Group A

Most recent tournaments

Midlands Church Cup - Leicestershire & Rutland
sheffield cup 2016/17 - West Riding
groom cup 2016/17 - West Riding
challenge cup - West Riding
CINEMA CUP - Scotland

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The Hertford Hounds
Bordesley Rovers
Rum Rooms Legacy FC
Old Red Lion
The Great Northern
The Mill

Latest players added

Oscar Bouldin
Callum Hamill
Ethan Taylor
Nick Smith
Steve Harding
Charlie Kehoe
Matt Riggs

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Kelvin Elson-Whittaker
Trent Lynch
John McGuinness
Mary Hopkins
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