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Pompey goal.....the truth....maybe

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06 April 2012 | pieman


WAS it the most sensational strike of the season....or a cross that got carried in by the wind?
The debate over Adrian Bremners strike in the 6-1 win over Archibald Simpsons rages on.
The Englishman described the goal thus: I picked the ball up with good anticipation after Andy Gove had fluffed a cross.
I then spotted the keeper off his line and even though I was almost 40 yards out just went for it and the ball flew faster than a bullet and battered into the net off one of the posts.
But a source who doesnt want to be named but he lives in Kincorth and is always last to arrive for games has now claimed it was actually a cross from around 20 yards that wasnt going in until Archies goalie, who it seems was so tiny he might been better off sticking to Subbuteo, palmed the ball into his net.
Another secret source, Sledge, confirmed the goalies height restrictionsn were a factor or the effort would have been saved.
What is the truth?
What is certain is the other scorers were Mike Kelly (2), Greg Mackie, Andy Gove and James Murray, who also missed heaps of sitters.

Gr Western beat Kumento 4-2.

Please note that we dont have midweek fixture this Tuesday.

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