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Holburn battle back

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08 April 2012 | pieman



Moorings Thistle 2 Holburn Bar 3

DESPITE two cracking goals from Bryan Forbes we lost 3-2 to Holburn, a result that now makes Great Western even bigger favourites for the league title.
All credit to Holburn for the way they battled back from two goals down in the second half, although we were frustrated by some erratic refereeing decisions from Raymond Henderson, our old goalie.
He was better with his hands than he was with his whistle. on this occasion thats for sure.
Injuries to our central defenders didnt help either but Holburn showed great fighting spirit so we can hardly complain.
The game ended on a sour note for us when Andrew Ewen was correctly sent off for speaking out of turn,
It was our first red of the season, although the incident that sparked it all was created by indecision by the ref over awarding a foul.
The ref alo took no action against the Holburn lad who said something far worse to him in the first half, although that doesnt justify what our man said to him.
At least we werent the only ones to have an off day.

Top Jag Bryan Forbes, his 25 yard blaster to make it 2-0 was one of the best goals you will see anywhere.

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