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OBDSFL AGM Details 19th June 2006

OBDSFL AGM Details 19th June 2006 image
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21 June 2006 | Anon

Main Points Of Discussion Within The Evening

All Clubs must have a Qualified First-Aider in place by December as per Kent County FA Rules

All results will be sent via text to OBDSFL rather than being phoned through to Divisional Secretaries

100% Referee Coverage last season in the OBDSFL with a record number of 84 Referees on the books at the end of the 2005-06 season.

Match Fee for Refs to be increased to £27 in line with current market rate

Mandatory Club Assistant Referee Evenings to be held in the autumn

Fixture Matrix will be adhered to in its entirety, with only County Cup and OBDSFL Cup games taking precedence over league games.

All Week 1 League Fixtures on 17th September affected by Presidents Charity Cup Games will take place on 1st April 2007.

Eden Park A received no objection to their personal application to withdraw their removal from the OBDSFL league under an internal club decision becoming reversed at the Eden Park AGM Eden Park A will therefore remain in Division 4 and not face relegation despite finishing in the bottom two.

Sydenham Sports failed in their appeal to personally overturn the Committees decision to withdraw their OBDSFL registration after being placed under a suspended disciplinary review since August 2005 after a vote of 57 to 5 with 16 clubs abstaining. Sydenham Sports finished in the bottom four of the OBDSFL Sportsmans Marks for the fourth season running and also received 35 disciplinary penalty points at the Kent FA, exceeding the maximum level of penalty points before disciplinary action is taken by the Kent FA by 10 points.

Division 2 Entrants Brookside have now withdrawn their application to join the league leaving Division 2 with 10 sides at present Decision to be taken whether on not an alternative new entry side will receive their vacant place

All promotions and relegations bar Eden Park A continued participation in Division 4 have now been ratified per the AGM.

The 2006-07 OBDSFL Season will begin on the 17th of September and run through to the 6th of May

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