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Further 2006-07 Amendments To OBDSFL Since Recent AGM

Further 2006-07 Amendments To OBDSFL Since Recent AGM image
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12 July 2006 | Anon

2 Further Teams Are Withdrawn, With One Additional Entry From An Established League Club

Further to the recently held OBDSFL AGM, email confirmation from the OBDSFL committee has been received by all clubs last week stating two more OBDSFL sides have withdrawn from the league in respect of the new 2006-2007 season starting on September 17th.

Division 1 new entry Stanhope Arms have now withdrawn their application from the League and will not be replaced, making them the second new entry side to the League to withdraw before even playing a competitive game in the OBDSFL after Division 2 Brookside withdrew their application at the AGM and subsequently have not been replaced .

More surprisingly is the omission of promoted side Chequers Reunited, who have been replaced by new entry Lessa Albion A, becoming the third Lessa Albion side in the OBDSFL after their Senior Division first team and Division 2 reserve side in the new Division 3 setup for next season.

The official line so far from the League is that Chequers have not been withdrawn but have been replaced and following on from the Sydenham Sports withdrawal vote at the recent AGM, where one of the most established clubs in the League were voted out of the league under Disciplinary Issues, Chequers currently have three players banned under the new stricter disciplinary regulations imposed by the OBDSFL, where the player registrations have been withdrawn subject to club appeal to the disciplinary committee and it should be said that Chequers have struggled with disciplinary issues beforehand, so this may not be the last which is heard on this matter with regards to the Start of The Season meeting in late August.

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