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01 June 2006 | Anon

Est. 1948

Senior Division (Est.1975) Defiance (1984-1994) & Goldsmiths United (2001-2005) 4 times each

Premier Division (Est.1949) Southborough United 10 Times (1952-1970)

Division 1 (Est.1950) Palace Rangers 3 Times (1972-1983)

Division 2 (Est.1950) Mountbridge 2 Times (1959-1960)

Division 3 (Est.1964) Keston Rovers (1993-1997) & Sydenham Sports (1995-2005) 2 Times each

Division 4 (Est.1966) No One Has Won The Title More Than Once In Its 40 Year History

Division 5 (Est.1968) Sydenham Sports 3 Times (1977-2000)

Division 6 (1982-1995) Orpington Rovers 2 Times (1986-1989)

Presidents Charity Cup (Est.1953) Billey Villa 8 Times (1969-1977)

Paul Picard Cup (Est.1957) Glendale 3 Times (1972-1974)

Jack Standen Cup (Est 1975) - Bickley & Widmore (1977-1997) & Coney Hall (1994-1998) 3 Times Each

Reg Logan (1975-2001) Cudham United 2 Times (1987-1989)

Fairweather, Senior/Intermediate/Junior League Cup Competitions Seasonal Competitions Not Won More Than Once

Smales Trophy (1977-2004 Open Only To Reserve Sides) Re-established in 2005 as an open competition to sides beaten earlier on in the first two rounds of Presidents Charity Cup

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