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Kevin Day

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Kevin Day

Present & Previous Clubs
Beckenham Imps

Nickname: Stanley
Age: 55
DoB: 15 September 1962
Birthplace: unknown
Occupation: Flooring Specialist

Position: Centre Back
Debut: 14 April 2002

Stanley as the oldest member of the squad, is surprisingly the fittest member and the best man-to-man marker in the League.
Kev will always been known for his spectacular goals, which always tend to be vital for the Imps cause as anyone who witnessed his strike at Crescent reminiscent of that famous Nayim strike will never hear the last of it... Watch out for the demon body swerve in training!

Imps Career Stats at Start Of 06-07

81 Starts (1)
5 Goals
4 Assists

Appearances: 91 (0)
Average rating: n/a

Goals: 13 (0)
Assists: 6

Yellow Cards: 1 (0)
Red Cards: 0 (0)

Team Supported: Tottenham Hotspur

The statistics in brackets were achieved before the player was added to the web site.