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Neal Davies

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Neal Davies

Present & Previous Clubs
Beckenham Imps

Nickname: Uncle Neal
Age: 50
DoB: 11 April 1968
Birthplace: unknown
Occupation: Head Of Media Banking

Position: Centre Midfielder
Debut: 01 September 1991

Uncle Neal as he is affectionately known to the Imps faithful has been a mainstay of the Imps central midfield for as long as any supporter of the Imps can remember, with more than 350 Imps appearances under his belt.

Never afraid to commit to the cause, the phantom poacher has perfected the late run into the box to strike many a golden goal for the Imps.

However, his party-piece is the famous shake of the head and temple holding theatrics, resembling a punch-drunk boxer in battle after the obligatory late tackle.

The long-term Skipper is amongst the elite group of four Imps over the 18-Year existence of the club elected to the Imps Hall of Fame for his services to the Imps cause.

Imps Career Stats:

351 Starts (2)
49 Goals 36 Assists

Appearances: 96 (0)
Average rating: n/a

Goals: 13 (0)
Assists: 5

Yellow Cards: 6 (0)
Red Cards: 0 (0)

Team Supported: Crystal Palace

The statistics in brackets were achieved before the player was added to the web site.