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03 January 2006 | administrator

Bobs Predictions for next year

Firstly a happy New Year to all my readers. Here are the tables after the last competitive Sunday in 2005, the 18th December and many thanks for all your kind comments last year.

There also follows my predictions till the end of the season having looked into my tea leaves through bleary eyes this morning with a bit of help from my spies. Now I know this may well cause plenty of discussion, but remember, this is light hearted so please dont clog up my email Inbox with messages of dissent and take it as a little chat in this quiet fortnight break. So read on comments at the end of each Division, with Cup predictions after that.

Bobs Predictions Midfield have always promised to make Bob Dine a happy man but have always gone off the boil at the wrong time. However, this season, with Goldsmith United faltering early on, it looks as if they may nick it. BUT, Mark and Angela Morgans Centresports are looking very dangerous in second place on goal difference. Milldean in 3rd with games in hands at the moment could end up on the same points but I dont believe they quite have it just yet to snatch the crown, but what a good season they are having anyway. To the bottom now, and sadly it seems that Golden Ronniess Prince of Wales will need more than some fair weather training in Lanzarote this year !! Likewise with Valley Valiants another good team who also came up but the both of them look as if they will return to the Premier. There is a gulf between Senior and Premier and its not until you get there that you realise its quite that big. So here goes, Centresports for the title with Midfield as runners up and Milldean in 3rd place. For the drop, sadly POW and Valley Valiants.

Bobs Predictions This one is a little easier as I think I can say FC Poverest for the title except who goes up with them and will the 2 teams end up doing a POW and VV at the end of next season ? We shall see. Pete Smalls COBS are performing quite well and I know Don Wisbey would be dead chuffed if EPR made it too. From the middle bunch I cant see anyone changing the status quo but we will see. At the bottom Bromley Town and Eltham Town United Res seem to be in trouble too. So for The Premier I will stick with the way it is and say FC Poverest to go up with COBS and Bromley Town for the drop again with Eltham Town United Res.

Bobs Predictions As you can see from this table your guess can be as good as mine. This is the first time I have tried to predict at midway what will happen and this Division it is wide open from top to bottom. The top four clubs seem to be goal machines at the front and leaky at the back, except for Keyworth. As the matrix goes 5th Feb is when Catford play Keyworth that may decide the Division. AFC Albatross play Catford one month later and that could decide second place. I am going for a 1, 2, 3 of Keyworth, Catford and AFC Albatross with KPR there at the last knockings too. Sorry Wayne, Centresports Res are missing that consistency as the tables shows. At the bottom it is very close to call any 3 from the bottom 4 but I reckon it will be Old Smiths, Sporting Sydenham and Fairfield.

Bobs Predictions Well Masters are way ahead, but tiny (well they used to be but I think they have grown up a bit now) Eltham Progress are going great guns. Who would think that a few seasons ago they were a wet behind the ears Div 5 side - and just look now ! Thats why the OBDSFL is so good !! But wait Lions roar, if you havent heard him yet you will Dave Curtis the noisiest bloke in the League and his Medway Lions are hunting the leaders. Doing well in the Kent Cup, could this be their undoing in the League will they run out of Sundays and have a fixture nightmare watch this weekly newssheet to find out. Enough, a 1, 2, 3, of Masters, Medway Lions and Eltham Progress seems good. At the bottom, trying to select 3 from the bottom six is a devil of a problem. SE Twente had a terrible start, ground problems lack of players but they are still with us. However, their poor start may be too much for them to claw back. EC United have also suffered this season and seem off the hunt. So that leaves the last slot between Sydenham Sports, Valley Valiant Res and Petts Wood. All 3 teams on their day can play good football, better than their position states. So this will be a guess a pure guess (and it was pin on paper with my eyes closed) I reckon sadly it will be Sydenham Sports to return to Div 3.

Bobs Predictions So what can stop the Coney Hall show played 6 won 6 and going great in the cups. But who will go up with them in 2nd and 3rd ? Second will be Ramsden Old Boys and third will be Crescent unless their discipline gets the better of them. At the bottom it looks as if Duke 94 will join Orpington Rovers in the bottom 2 slots. The 3rd from bottom will be a little more difficult as Petts Wood Res, London City and EPR Res are all not performing correctly. I suspect that come year end London City may have found themselves stuck in the mire of third from bottom.

Bobs Predictions I could be accused of favouritism here with Viking Strollers top and Mark Freemans old side for once really enjoying themselves you blokes have Mark to thank for getting you through the dark times guys hope you all appreciate that. Still, getting off the subject, Chequers Reunited and Freelands could spoil the show. Also as an outside threat are Ex Blues. My guess from these top 4 will be a Freelands, Chequers Reunited and Viking Strollers in that order. January across all divisions could be an interesting month. At the bottom AFC Lessa Christchurch look doomed for bottom spot. EPR A will probably end up second from bottom and Woodvale seem to be on for third from bottom but with their Surrey Cup success it seems quite strange !!

Bobs Predictions Well I thought a little while ago Swanley Cardinals were the side to beat so Ex Blues Res did just that. And The Flames are looking good at the moment too ! So I look for a 1, 2, 3, of Swanley Cardinals, The Flames and Ex Blues Res. Now the re election positions the lowest of the League and no one wants to be there ask Starks Park Rovers. This year I cannot see any change to the current bottom 3. The old lags at Keston may get out of the treacle but only at the expense of Fairfield Res. So as Keston have to play Fairfield twice inside a month (as per matrix), and being a gambling man (which I am not) I reckon the old lags may just squeeze out of the 3rd bottom spot at Fairfields expense.


These are based on working out the placings through the draws as nowhere on the website, unlike when I used to do, it is the draw published. Now this is pure guesswork as our Cups produce some weird results sometimes. So here goes and Errors Or Exceptions permitted please fellas !!

Charity Cup - Goldsmith United

Smales Trophy - Medway Lions

Paul Picard Cup - Medway Lions

Jack Standen Cup - Coney Hall

So thats my bit of New Year fun I hope you all enjoy it. And please, take it in the spirit its meant to be - fun not life or death. I enjoyed doing this and it made a great way of passing New Years day with a slight headache !

Have a great rest of the season !!


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