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Club Support Scheme

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23 July 2008 | george bancov

Club Support Scheme

At the end of season 2006/07, the Management Committee agreed to establish a Club Support Scheme for the League as part of the Financial Strategy it had adopted. One of the objectives from the Strategy was to adopt an annual scheme where excess balances may be used to assist member clubs on a selective or annual basis. The intention is to use the Leagues financial resources to assist and encourage clubs on an annual basis, either generally or by a selective method. For the first season, the Scheme was used to provide every team in the League with a match ball and these were distributed at the Annual General Meeting. The Management Committee has considered what form the Scheme should take for this season and has decided to reward clubs with good disciplinary records by means of financial awards at the end of the season. The scheme which the Management Committee has agreed is based on simple principles including:
·points allocated for cautions and sendings off

·a cut off point of the top 15% for deciding which teams receive awards

·unit values being used so that the team(s) with the better records receive proportionately more

· awards rounded up or down to the nearest pound
Only teams that will be in membership of the League for season 2008/09 will be eligible to receive payments from the Scheme. The amount of the pool for this seasons Scheme will be £1,125 made up of £1,000 from the Club Support Scheme (an increase of £100 on last season) and £125 from the Sporting Award winners fund. Given that the Sporting Award winners will be one of the teams receiving awards from the Scheme and that only some 8 teams are likely to receive awards because of the 15% rule, it is probable that some teams will be receiving awards well in excess of £150. The awards will be by way of cheques to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

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