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An explanation of Cross-Divisional fixtures!!!

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21 March 2012 | Nader_Khalifa

In case you were wondering who that X-Divisional team were in your next league game icon...

Just so you know... Every team in Division 1 plays their opponents in the division twice, once home and and away. However, all Division 1 teams play the sides in Division 2 once a season as well in the league (the X-Divisional fixture) and that game is played away from home.

Due to the oddity of our leagues the SoccerWeekend site doe not really know how to accomodate us so the mysterious X-Divisional team appears at the bottom of the Division 1 league table so we can use it to fix in league games between Division 1 & 2 teams. Unfortunately we cannot inform website visitors of who the X-Divisional team actually is! You have to save that for your match reports!


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