Tuesday 20 Feb 2018

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Erdington players -

You can also view the league appearances or all appearances for Erdington during this season, or select an alternative season to view the squad history.

The roster of Erdington players will list any of the players that have participated during this season; including players who have been transferred or released from Erdington.

active This icon indicates that the player is signed to this team for this season.
no longer with the team This icon indicates that the player left the team during this season.

Fantasy team points


All players: 2 points.
Substitution: -1 point.

Player of the match

All players: 5 points.


Goalkeepers: 6 points.
Defenders: 6 points.
Midfielders: 5 points.
Forwards: 3 points.
Utility players: 5 points.
Other players: 4 points.


All players: 2 points.

Clean Sheets

Goalkeepers: 5 points.
Defenders: 4 points.
Midfielders: 2 points.
Utility players: 2 points.