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Season 2014/2015

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This season

Pidge | 19:20 05 September 2010

i know its early days but if we play like we have done so far especially some of the football that was on show today then we will be in for a great season this year

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8 Sep 2010

lolol refreshing then lol

The Richards
8 Sep 2010

Used to
Haha, thats the sort of stuff Ive been used to reading! lol

7 Sep 2010

true but
im not getting carried away and also if we just cut the mistakes out we should be fine

anyways its better than me coming on here and saying we are crap and we are gunna finish bottom lol

The Richards
7 Sep 2010

I agree but...
The performance was good yesterday, but mistakes cost us, so it doesnt matter how well we play if we keep making errors.

There are also some very good teams in our division this year, so we shouldnt get too carried away with 1 performance.

When winter comes and the pitches get boggy, our passing game will get affected too!

But we did play brilliantly yesterday, so long may it continue!

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