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Golden/Silver Balls Retirement

Palace81 | 14:46 26 March 2012

Im obviously very gutted, and will be looking to try and find someone with the experience and ability to replace our veteran skipper for next season, I do think this will be my biggest test to date

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Golden/Silver Balls Retirement responses
author response
28 Mar 2012

The I man
Hes not human
Hes like a piece of iron

28 Mar 2012

The following comment on the I-Man is attributable to you...

*Its like he is made of metal*
28 Mar 2012

Bring it on
No, no celebration. It was a Dennis law moment. If I was capable of crying I would of. In reference to LRR and the I Man playing, bring it on, nothing we cant handle.

27 Mar 2012

How can Long Road have been a stepping stone when you left Dobblers to join us? In fact Im pretty sure you scored against Dobblers for us. And celebrated.

I am providing Spartak with several Long Road Players on loan as well. Seeing a we did not enter the cup no one is cup tied. I will withdraw Ibby for a fee.

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27 Mar 2012

Dobblers till I die.
The Dobblers chief jounalist is widely regarded as the greatest sports jounalist in the world. His opinions are100% fact based and pundits applaud his knowledge, vision and fairness. For you to question his opinion and wisdom is scandalous. James ball regards his time with great fondness and will hold a place for LRR in his heart but regards his time their as a stepping stone to greater things at the Dobblers and his new tattoo Dobblers till I die shows that he is a lettuce through and through!!

So khalifa, hush your gums and appreciate the glory that is Dobblers!!!

27 Mar 2012

Hold on a minute...
This prat already has a retirement eulogy on the LRR page from when he retired last time. Also, he had more than a short sabbatical at Long Road. And finally, how in the name of arse is this his most successful season? His last year at LRR saw him win a quadruple and be involved in the greatest game of football ever seen in history at Waterbeach.

Have the team sacked the management again by the way? I always look forward to the weeks that happens. Love the stability of the 52 man squad. Jokers!

Rangers till I die!

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26 Mar 2012

Ah that brought a tear to my eye. Big boots to fill.
Size 11!!

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