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Season 2006/2007

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Who should be captain this season

Razor | 00:48 08 August 2006

With the squad having a few new faces should there be a new captain? Should it be AJ, can anyone hear themselves over Pies?

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16 Aug 2006

Who Should Be The Captian???????
Writing for dave(sonic)barker an scholes we have had a talk on this we both think that the person most suitible for this is KENNY BARTON.

Y? you may ask is cause he is an outstanding player an he seems to get a long with every one on the team also working with kenny at the STOKE CITY FITC helps.

I think that kenny can lead the team out an encourage the team has we go though the rough stages an all teams do


Dave (sonic) Barker

8 Aug 2006

On a personal viewpoint I think it is preferable for someone who plays centrally, at the back or centre midfield.

Also the player needs to be respected, be vocal when necessary i.e. not a David Beckham type!

My vote would go to Kenny as also played with club last year, knows both last seasons players and new players and although solid and vocal does not appear to be a screamer and can lead by example on pitch too with his tough tackling.

Ignore the cries of nepotism, unless there is an obvious other candidate who will always turn up for games AND training.

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