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Season 2012/2013

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The Barrel

Division 1 result - Season 2011/2012
date home team   away team kick off
27 November 2011
Bench & Bar 2 − 3 The Barrel 11:00
Tom Amos  50 (pen)
Tom Amos  70 (pen)
Danny Dutton  19
Craig  High  40
Andy Mountford  90

The Barrel player of the match was Shane Walker.

Match events

19:00 - Goal inside penalty area
A classic scramble in the box sees the Barrel take the lead after almost 20 minutes had passed. Danny Dutton scores after 19 minutes in open play with an assist by Shane Walker. Although the linesman had flagged for an offside the referree had decided that the player was deemed to be onside and the goal stood.

40:00 - Goal
Bench and Bar are pinned back in their own half as the Barrel begin to play some nice football, a corner put into the area is scrambled away but only to the edge of the box.Craig romeo High powers a shot into the bottom corner of the goal to make it 2-0 to the Barrel in the build up to half time.

49:00 - Penalty goal using left arm inside penalty area
The referree blows for a penalty to Bench and Bar for an apparent push by Tom Rigby following a corner floated into the box. The Bench and Bar number 10 easily sends the goalkeeper the wrong way and dispatches a well taken penalty. 2-1 to the Barrel and its game on.

50:00 - Penalty goal
Tom Amos scores from the spot after 50 minutes.

60:00 - Penalty goal using right arm inside penalty area
The referree blows for a 2nd Bench and Bar penalty having judged Lee Wingrove of handling the ball in the area, Lees forehead shows clearly where the ball hit him however the decision is made and a chance for Bench to get the scores level. The referree blows and this time the keeper goes the right way, almost getting the ball, however the ball is in the bottom corner and Bench and Bar are equal. 2-2 and we have a game on our hands.

70:00 - Penalty goal
Tom Amos scores from the spot after 70 minutes.

72:00 - Penalty miss using right leg inside penalty area
Drama in the home teams penalty area, a dazzling run into the box from Shane Walker ends in him being fouled by a Bench and Bar defender. Danny Dutton dispatches the penalty and just sends it wide. The scores are level with just under 20 minutes to go.

90:00 - Goal in middle third of the pitch
As we come into the last few minutes of the game Andy Mountford runs down the left wing at pace, cuts inside and releases a beauty of a goal. Plenty of power and accuracy straight into the top corner leaving the keeper no chance. The final minutes coming up and its 3-2 to the away team.

90:00 - Goal
Andy Mountford scores after 90 minutes in open play with an assist by John Cope.

94:00 - Full time result
The Barrel record their 2 win of the season taking them on to 6pts from 6 games. Can the Barrel continue their from against the league leaders on Sunday?