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Loughborough Churches

Leicestershire Church League result - Season 2015/2016
date home team   away team kick off
31 October 2015
Thurnby Church FC 1 − 2 Loughborough Churches 10:30
Own  Goal  26
Unknown  Player  30 (og)
Ben King  89

Thurnby Church FC teamsheet
  home team assists rating
no.1  Rees  Britt 0  
no.2  Grant Foster 0  
no.3  Owen Warner 0  
no.4  Callum Hamill 0  
no.5  Ben Mason 0  
no.7  Rob Wootton 0  
no.8  Will Goodman 0  
no.10  Rob Bevins 0  
no.11  Jack Hall-Martinez 1  
no.14  Dan McClarry (replaced Gary Toon 45 mins) 0  
no.1  Gary Toon (replaced Sisqo Chaka 65 mins) 0  
no.13  Jake Payne (replaced Will Goodman 68 mins) 0  
no.9  Sisqo Chaka (replaced Jake Payne 81 mins) 0  

Loughborough Churches teamsheet
  away team assists rating
no.1  Michael Nicholson-Lewis 0  
no.2  Pete Marlow 0  
no.3  Nathaniel Alsop 0  
no.4  Ben  Green 1  
no.5  Sam  Watts (mini) 0  
no.6  Nick Saqui 0  
no.7  Josh Robb 0  
no.8  Joe Cook 0  
no.9  Joe Boardman 0  
no.10  Chris Stokes 0  
no.11  George Thomas 0  

Match events

02:01 - Shot off target using right foot inside penalty area
Sisqo miss hit a right footed effort 8 yards out with only the keeper to beat.

05:01 - Shot on target using left foot inside penalty area
Sisqo 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper. Keeper made a smart save to stop the shot from going into the bottom right corner.

11:01 - Shot on target using head inside penalty area
Callum beat his man in the air and got a good header going into the top corner. Cleared off the line by the defender.

15:01 - Shot on target using head inside penalty area
Ben lost his man and directed a header towards goal, cleared off the line by the defender.

19:01 - Shot off target using head inside penalty area
Rob lost his man from the corner and powered a header which hit the bar and went out for a goal kick.

30:00 - Own goal
Unknown Player scores an own goal after 30 minutes with an assist by Ben Green.

32:00 - Goal
Own Goal scores after 26 minutes in open play with an assist by Jack Hall-Martinez.

40:01 - Disallowed goal using left foot outside penalty area
Ball played through by Rob Bevins, Sisqo runs on and finishes well. Linesman gives it offside.

45:00 - Substitution
Gary Toon is substituted after 45 minutes and replaced by number 14 Dan McClarry.

65:00 - Substitution
Sisqo Chaka is substituted after 65 minutes and replaced by number 01 Gary Toon.

68:00 - Substitution
Will Goodman is substituted after 68 minutes and replaced by number 13 Jake Payne.

81:00 - Substitution
Jake Payne is substituted after 81 minutes and replaced by number 09 Sisqo Chaka.

89:00 - Goal
Ben King scores after 89 minutes in open play.