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15 February 2010 | bankok

what a differance a week makes!

The jesters went into there second game of the season with what could only be descibed as a hollow sickening feeling in there stomachs expecting another heavy defeat without even threatening the opositions goal. But that wasnt to be as the jesters put in arguably there best performance of any of their two seasons to date with a team that seemed unrecognisable from the previous weeks disappointment.
everyone seemed like players who had a new lease of life and it showed with the jesters having the run of play for the opening exchanges going ahead and maintaining the accedencey for much of the first half with some quaility movement finishing and some hearty tackles. the shining light of the first half being a tenacious run from blockeel and a thuderous left footed strike that flew into the top corner. The second half began and the lion seemed to have there tails up and quickly started playing football the better football whilst certain members of the jesters had decided a career in the sniper squad was their chosen profession and as such started a shoot on site policy which whilst the shots had the desired power the accuracy was lacking and the lions continued to play and soon had a comfortable lead but a late surge from the jesters battling players and you could sense they where still up for it something that has been lacking in the past when the heads seemed to go down. The surge was ill timed though as the final whistle echoed through the arena and the game was over but for the first time in a long time the jesters could hold there heads high and be proud of what was a good game. credit to the White lion as they where a good side who deserved the win.

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