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01 March 2010 | bankok

signs of improvement

The jesters once again showed signs of improvement and bottle that had previously been lacking from the players. the game against Ross Lee construction was a fierce one with takles going in left right and centre the early exchanges where equal with the Jesters showing that they could still find the net. gone was the shoot on sight policy and welcomed was a harder more combative policy that worked both for and against the unlucky jesters with their forward being sent to the stands for 5 minutes to cool down mid way through the second half wihich ultimatley condemed them to another defeat. but the signs of imporveent were there for all to see with the defence closing well and quickly whilst maintaining a attacking threat. though they still need to learn that leaving the slowest of the team at the back alone for long periods is going to create a lot of oppurtunities for the opposition. The forwards showed some touches of excellence though sometimes where guilty of taking to many touches when a pass would have been better. one other Plus for the jesters was Haworth scoring his first goal for quite some time and rattling the cross bar with a long range effort surely now the flood gates will open for him after no goals in the last 10 games is it cometh the hour cometh the man.........................?

credit to the lads from Ross Lee who gave as good as they got in a physical match and maitained there composure in front of goal.

Would the Jesters have won with 5 men all game?? who knows?

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