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A Season Of Change.

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14 March 2017 | Lee Evans

Club Overhaul.

We knew at the start of this campaign that the season would be tough, and that this squad was going to be `work in progress` during the season. But we had no idea just how much everything would change during the course of just a few months...

We are now into the 7th month of the season. In that time we have registered 29 players. Of those 30, at least 6 players have left the side for one reason or another. We have also had a horrific season of injuries. Not only did we lose James Willoughby for the best part of 5 months (having made his return on Sunday) with a broken collarbone, I have suffered thigh and knee injuries, Glenn and Brad both spent time out with ankle injuries and poor old Steve Martin has been missing for ages now, as he awaits an ankle operation.

We have also brought in since the start of the season 10 players. Joe Heredia and Ryan Willetts joined just before Christmas, Jordan Martin has just returned to the club, Mark Hanly finally registered and made his debut on Sunday, having supported the lads all season, and Sam Sambucci joined from Premier side, AFC Boars.

Even so.................. we have still at times, struggled to field the same 11 players each week due to either injuries, work committments, hangovers, suspensions and various other reasons.

I have never known a season like it...............!!

We will consolidate in the remaining matches of the season. We`ll continue to play and we will look to build, strengthen and hopefully get some sort of consistency in the squad for next season.

We just need players to believe in what we are trying to build here, to buy into it, to understand that there is a good organised club here, and to want to build and grow with it.

It takes time, but history has shown that we can build and get success when everything fits into place.

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