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Positive Signs Ahead.

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14 March 2017 | Lee Evans

Youth and Quality Coming Through.

We may have had some tough times this season at the club. We may at certain points come close to folding. However, things are definitely looking up for this club and all we really need now is for the players to believe in it and fully commit to this journey.

There is a lot of youth within the squad now. Some players are in their first season in adult football or 11-a-side football. They are new to it.

We have added quality and strength to the squad during the season. Signing players such as the quality of Sam, only adds to the excellent players that we have here.

The one thing we really haven`t been able to do is select a frequent regular team. We have had to chop and change every week. Some players are available one week and then missing the next. We have also lost our Vice Captain this season, at a time when it really looked as if we were stepping up.

We are boosted by James return from injury. This is going to be a slow process and he may still miss some matches. But he is our captain and leads from the front. Playing on Sunday will give him the strength and hunger to get back quicker.

Brad is back and we will be looking to see if he can forge a partnership with Sam in the side. That could be at the back, in Midfield or elsewhere on the pitch.

Jordan has returned to the club and again, gives us youth, strength, power and pace up front. He`ll get fitter and stronger and then he`ll get his rewards.

As I have written in an earlier post, I now need these players and the others in the squad to see what we are trying to build here. I want a strong club, a united squad, and players who are going to bust a gut to get to a match on a Sunday morning and play regularly. The more frequent you play together as a squad and team, the better you become.

It may be too early to talk about next season, but I want the majority of these players to stay, work hard in the summer and then really give next season a big push. Together we can get stronger, better and the results will come.

This IS a well organised club off the field. We have taken pride in running it in the right way.

I need YOU, the players, to believe in it and want to be a part of it. Show us the hunger and spirit in every match. Energy, fight, commitment and desire.

Then.................. The rewards will come.

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