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20 June 2009 | jack101023


New club, new start. I am looking forward to a great experience in leading this team into an era where i hope that under my leadership i will be able to prove why i am the captain. I am over the moon to be given the chance to be the captain of this club. I hope that over the seasons we will be able to progress with every season. Step by step we will become winners!

I as a captain when i was with my previous club treated all my players with the most respect possible, because if you dont treat your team mates with respect, you cant expect it back. Each player is important to a winning team, and no player in a team can abuse another team mate, i myself will never call one individual for a mistake without letting them do likewise to me.
I will hope to lead by example to my fellow players, with performances in my role, as a player and a captain. I personally believe that every player has to be like a captain, because the main structure within a team comes from all players communicating, (which at my previous club was a problem, which i hope will not re-occur with ourselves).

Hopefully after we have gelled as a unit we will become a true force to be dealt with. I believe we should have a three year plan, to become champions of our league within that time. And who knows, in a few seasons enter the F.A. Cup, put our wits to the test with the hope for some fame, I reitterate that i am proud to be given this chance in leading this club in what i already believe will be a monumental first season.

Jack Nolan

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