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Beckenham Imps

Imps Facts And Figures OBDSFL 2000-2007

Imps Facts And Figures OBDSFL 2000-2007 image
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17 May 2006 | Anon

(Competitive Games Only)

Playing Record
P170 W70 D22 L78 F431 A446

Home Record at Sparrows Den 2001-2006
P61 W25 D13 L23 F165 A152

Home Record at Norman Park 2006-07
P9 W4 D1 L4 F22 A26

Home Record at Langley Park 2007 onwards
P3 W2 D0 L1 F7 A7

Away Record Since 2001
P86 W34 D8 L44 F201 A227

Comparative Seasonal Records
00-01P11 W5 D0 L6 F36 A34 Finished 9th Division 4
01-02 P26 W9 D3 L14 F77 A75 Finished 8th Division 4
02-03 P23 W5 D6 L12 F55 A73 Finished 9th Division 4 and Relegated on GD
03-04 P26 W13 D3 L10 F70 A50 Finished 5th Division 5
04-05 P26 W14 D3 L9 F63 A66 Finished 4th Division 5
05-06 P27 W12 D5 L10 F63 A62 Finished 4th Division 5
06-07 P31 W12 D2 L17 F67 A86 - Finished 6th Division 4

Home And Away Records
01-02 Home W4 D2 L7 F41 A43 Away W5 D1 L7 F36 A32
02-03 Home W1 D2 L6 F15 A30 Away W4 D4 L6 F40 A43
03-04 Home W9 D1 L2 F47 A18 Away W4 D2 L8 F23 A32
04-05 Home W6 D3 L4 F30 A33 Away W8 D0 L5 F33 A33
05-06 Home W5 D5 L3 F32 A28 Away W7 D0 L7 F31 A34
06-07 Home W6 D1 L5 F29 A33 - Away W6 D1 L12 F38 A53

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