Friday 23 Mar 2018
Season 2016/2017

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The Midland FC

The Midland FC profile

Berkhamsted Sunday Football League − Division 2 − Hertfordshire − England

Contact details

Home ground

Dacorum Borough Council Pitches.

Team photograph

The Midland FC image

Home colours

Red shirts, Black Shorts, Black Socks.

Away colours

Blue Shirts, Blue Shorts, Blue Socks.

Sponsors and supporters
NH Paving - Specialists in Block Paving, Drives & Patios. 07736 491199.

Board members

Lee Evans, Keith Johnson, Sean Clingham.

Honours and awards

2010/11 - BSFL League Division 2 Runners Up (Promoted to Division 1)
2009/10 - BSFL League Division 3 Runners Up (Promoted to DIvision 2)
2008/09 - BSFL League Division 4 Champions (Promoted to Division 3)
2008/09 - BSFL Junior Cup Winners.
2002/03 - BSFL Junior Cup Runners Up.
1997/98 - BSFL Sporting League Winners.
1997/98 - BSFL Division 4 Runners Up.
1985/86 - HFA Division 3 Runners Up.

Further information

The Midland FC is your traditional Sunday League pub team. Mainly consisting of regular drinkers in the pub and now, a few youngsters are more involved. We have a great team spirit and although it doesnt always win us games, we have a laugh before and afterwards. If anyone is interested in joining the club in any way they like, please email me. Evo.

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