Sunday 18 Feb 2018

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Nader_Khalifa supports Coventry City. Nader_Khalifa's last login time was Thursday, 23 November 2017 at 14:32. Nader_Khalifa has reached the Veteran User level on

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My teams

Abbey United Sundays (accepted)
AFC Haslingfield (accepted)
AFC Royston (accepted)
Arbury Akademiks (accepted)
Buntingford Cougars (accepted)
C3 Honeybadgers (accepted)
Cambourne Church FC (accepted)
Cambourne Eagles (accepted)
Cambridge Cosmos Thirds (accepted)
Chesterton Eagles 21 (accepted)
Chesterton Legacy (accepted)
Coldhams Dons (accepted)
Coldhams Dons (accepted)
Coleridge Crusaders (accepted)
Edward Jolly Boy Reserves (accepted)
Ely Pymoor Rangers £D (accepted)
Ely Pymoor Rangers 3D (accepted)
E-UK (accepted)
Fowlmere Bostocks (accepted)
Free Press Zebras (accepted)
Genetics (accepted)
Gransden Sunday (accepted)
Green Man (accepted)
Harston Sundays (accepted)
Jagex (accepted)
Js (accepted)
Kingsleys (accepted)
Little Thetford Lions (accepted)
Littleport Sunday (accepted)
Long Road Rangers (accepted)
Melbourn Sundays (accepted)
Murrow Bell 2007 (accepted)
NCI Reserves (accepted)
Oakington Vikings (accepted)
Quy United (accepted)
Royston Rovers (accepted)
Royston Rovers (accepted)
Shelford & Stapleford Strikers (accepted)
Shepreth (accepted)
Spartak 78 (accepted)
Spartak Sanger (accepted)
Sporting Hinton FC (accepted)
Surff United (accepted)
Sutton Sterling Sunday (accepted)
Swaffam United (accepted)
The County Arms (accepted)
The Edward (accepted)
The Wheatsheaf (accepted)
Toft Lions (accepted)
Toft Lions (accepted)
Tram Beer Rovers (accepted)
Village Cars (accepted)
Waggon Rhinos (accepted)
Waterbeach (accepted)
Waterbeach Sundays (accepted)
Waterbeach Wanderers (accepted)
Wellcome CRUKI (accepted)
Wilbraham Sunday (accepted)

My players

Joey Abbs (accepted)
Ussi Akkouche (accepted)
Ayrron Armstrong (accepted)
Paul Avery (accepted)
Jamie Baker (accepted)
James Ball (accepted)
Karl Booth (accepted)
Ollie Brookes (accepted)
Greg Charlton (accepted)
Liam Clements (accepted)
Carlos Cutino (accepted)
Daniel Davies (accepted)
Ashley Dellow (accepted)
Joe Dew (accepted)
Callum Diggs (accepted)
Greig Dowding (accepted)
Serkan Ensoner (accepted)
Mike Evans (accepted)
Matty Fisher (accepted)
Francis Ford (accepted)
Jon Graham (accepted)
Lloyd Groves (accepted)
George Hadfield (accepted)
Idris Hagos (accepted)
Gareth Hall (accepted)
Nick Haycraft (accepted)
Cieran Hayes (accepted)
Jordan Haynes (accepted)
Justin Hodgett (accepted)
Rory Hutton (accepted)
Stephen Jordan (accepted)
Jonno Khan (accepted)
Alex Loughlan (accepted)
Sam Lowings (accepted)
Grant Matsell (accepted)
Kieren McNally (accepted)
Matthew Meacher (accepted)
Richard Mead (accepted)
Jack Mochalski (accepted)
Rob Moden (accepted)
Isiah Onyeokoro (accepted)
Callum Osbourne (accepted)
Callum Osbourne (accepted)
Toby Parsonage (accepted)
Barry Piggott (accepted)
Ryan Piggott (accepted)
Sam Plant (accepted)
Unknown Player (accepted)
Dave Pollitt (accepted)
Liam Rumbelow (accepted)
Lee Runham (accepted)
Jim Russell (accepted)
Adam Scott (accepted)
Ensoner Serkan (accepted)
Ben Simpson (accepted)
Callum Smith-Haynes (accepted)
Sean Tabor (accepted)
Ben Tulloch (accepted)
Martin Turner (accepted)
Rob Tyler (accepted)
Leon Tyrrell (accepted)
Alex Vasili (accepted)
Shane Vickery (accepted)
Adam Wallace (accepted)
Ade Watts (accepted)
Daniel Whitfield (accepted)
Ross Williams (accepted)
Ross Williams (accepted)

My leagues

Cambridge & District Friendly League (accepted)

My divisions

Division One (accepted)
Division Two (accepted)
Two (accepted)

My knockout competitions

Cambridge & District Friendly League Challenge Cup (accepted)
Cambs FA Centenary Cup (accepted)
CDFL Challenge Cup (accepted)
CDFL Division 1 Cup (accepted)