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Mr Chippie supports Arsenal. Mr Chippie's last login time was Wednesday, 29 January 2014 at 19:34. Mr Chippie has reached the Veteran User level on

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My teams

Angels (expired)
Athletico Red Lion (expired)
Boars Head Dynamos (expired)
Bookers FC (expired)
Braddon VFC (expired)
Bull Fossils (expired)
Centre Spot (expired)
Crown And Sceptre (expired)
Don Ronaldo (expired)
Dover Dynamos (expired)
Dover Elms Vale (expired)
Dover Priory (expired)
Dover WMC (expired)
Eastry Ravens (expired)
Elvington Welfare (expired)
FC Independiente (expired)
Focus Bulls (expired)
Fulchester United (expired)
Funky Monkey (expired)
Gate FC (expired)
Hope Inn (expired)
HOPE INN (requested)
Jacetts Athletic (expired)
Lympne Veterans FC (expired)
NT Rix (expired)
Prince Albert (expired)
Real Boars Head (expired)
Red Cow FC (expired)
Red Lion (expired)
REMOVED (expired)
Sandwich (expired)
Shepherdswell Spartans (expired)
Snowdown (expired)
Sporting Endeavour (expired)
St Margarets (expired)
Strokes FC (expired)
The Kittiwake (expired)
The Orange (expired)
The Quay (expired)
Tilmanstone Rovers (expired)
Viking Wanderers (expired)
Walletts Court (expired)
Woodnesborough (expired)
Workies Warriors (expired)
x x x (expired)
xxx (expired)

My players

Tom Allen (expired)
Aiden Ashton (expired)
Clinton Ashton (expired)
Ray Ashton (expired)
Ray Ashton (expired)
Kevin Atwell (expired)
Ainsley Bartlett (requested)
Kane Bartlett (expired)
Graham Beer (expired)
Nathan Beer (expired)
Noel Blackman (expired)
Steve Bowden (expired)
Karl Byatt (expired)
Karl Byatt (expired)
Lee Carrott (expired)
Luke Chadwick (expired)
Matthew Cinelli (expired)
James Davies (expired)
Jon Day (expired)
Sunny Dhillon (expired)
Stuart Dodd (expired)
Luke Douglas (expired)
Luke Douglas (expired)
Terry Dunham (expired)
Scott Embleton (expired)
Amadeu Ferreira (expired)
James Gibson (expired)
Luke Gibson (expired)
Phill Ginger (expired)
Tony Griffiths (expired)
Leroy Griggs (expired)
Mark Heath (expired)
Michael Heath (expired)
Peter Heath (expired)
Tom Hickson (expired)
Robert Hills (expired)
Alex Hoad (expired)
John Holmes (expired)
Kirk Hughes (expired)
Adam Hunt (expired)
Chris Jennings (expired)
Karl Knott (expired)
James Lawrence (expired)
Sam Litchfield (expired)
Dave MacDonald (expired)
Daniel Mallett (expired)
Russell McAthy (expired)
Tom Middleton (expired)
Steph Moir (expired)
Chris Morgan (expired)
Lucy Morgan (expired)
Tony Nudgent (expired)
Robert Paton (expired)
Miles Perrin (expired)
Dan Roberts (expired)
Danny Robinson (expired)
Adam Schermuly (expired)
Karl Seni (expired)
Karl Seni (expired)
Aaron Stephens (expired)
Rob Stevens (expired)
Daniel Stoneman (expired)
Peter Sweeney (expired)
Ryan Sylvester (expired)
Ian Szeligiewicz (expired)
Ian Szeligiewicz (expired)
James Taylor (expired)
Gavin Unwin (expired)
Aron Walters (expired)
Mark West (expired)
Jeff Wiggle (accepted)
Adam Wisdom (expired)

My leagues

ashford and district saturday football league (expired)
Dover Sunday Football League (expired)

My divisions

Premier Division (expired)
First Division (expired)
Second Division (expired)

My knockout competitions

Chris Rickard Cup (expired)
John Ullman Cup (expired)
Kent Sunday Cup (expired)
Tom Donnelly Cup (expired)