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Aida supports Liverpool. Aida's last login time was Wednesday, 10 May 2017 at 22:00. Aida has reached the Veteran User level on

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My teams

Abbey Fields (accepted)
Allstars (accepted)
BGS (accepted)
Castle (accepted)
Churchill (accepted)
Dens Dingos (accepted)
Fancy a Bash (accepted)
Faversham AFC (accepted)
Faversham Athletic (accepted)
Faversham Athletic 2 (accepted)
Faversham United (accepted)
Field Athletic (accepted)
Fulston Zebras 2 (accepted)
G Unit Allstars (accepted)
Graveney FC (accepted)
Grovers (accepted)
Hatterssy (accepted)
Hole in the Wall (accepted)
Joes Team (accepted)
Keiths Team (accepted)
Kestrels (accepted)
Kestrels (accepted)
Kestrels 2 (accepted)
Millfield (accepted)
Milton and Fulston (accepted)
MisFits (accepted)
Nova (accepted)
Nova 2 (accepted)
Nova Garden Furniture (accepted)
O B 1 K No B (accepted)
Old Bordenians (accepted)
Oz Clark Five (accepted)
Panthers (accepted)
Qualitaire (accepted)
Scorpion (accepted)
Sentinels (accepted)
Shiddys (accepted)
Stat Shop (accepted)
Stat Shop (accepted)
Steves 5 (accepted)
Superbad FC (accepted)
Swale (accepted)
Swan and Harlequin A (accepted)
Swan and Harlequin B (accepted)
Team Anaheim I (accepted)
Team Anaheim II (accepted)
Teynham Gunners (accepted)
The Old Kings (accepted)
Tiqui Taca (accepted)
Torpedo (accepted)
Untouchable Underdogs (accepted)
Untouchable Underdogs (accepted)
Untouchables (accepted)
Vinsons Vipers (accepted)
World in Motion (accepted)

My players

Jake Aitkin (accepted)
Lee Bean (accepted)
Big Bear (accepted)
Charlie Beech (accepted)
James Benstead (accepted)
D Bicker (accepted)
fred bloggs (accepted)
Nick Campagnac (accepted)
Dan Cass (accepted)
Bunty Chatha (accepted)
K Clark (accepted)
M Cole (accepted)
Myles Cole (accepted)
Graeme Cook (accepted)
Gary Cooper (accepted)
Ben Cornish (accepted)
Lee Cornish (accepted)
Richard Cranthorne (accepted)
Stuart Deadman (accepted)
C Deakin (accepted)
Neil Deidrick (accepted)
Dan Diamond (accepted)
K Donaghue (accepted)
Jamie Drake (accepted)
Darren Eke (accepted)
Dean Eke (accepted)
K Fisher (accepted)
Darren Foord (accepted)
Mark Foord (accepted)
Robert Foord (accepted)
Tony Foster (accepted)
Tony Foster (accepted)
Chris Gartland (accepted)
Nick Gartland (accepted)
Gary Gillatt (accepted)
James Gillatt (accepted)
O Gillatt (accepted)
Darron Gillet (accepted)
Tom Goodall (accepted)
Tez Grainger (accepted)
Simon Griffiths (accepted)
Daniel Gurr (accepted)
Cristian Hampton (accepted)
Graham Hampton (accepted)
Luke Harrison (accepted)
Martyn Harrison (accepted)
Martyn Harrison (accepted)
Matt Hennessy (accepted)
Ben Hilton (accepted)
D Hine (accepted)
Doug Holiday (accepted)
J Hubbard (accepted)
J Hubbard (accepted)
Mark Hudson (accepted)
J Jones (accepted)
Ian Juniper (accepted)
Jordan Lawrance (accepted)
Alex Leslie (accepted)
Matthew Lloyd (accepted)
Matthew Lloyd (accepted)
Matthew Lloyd (accepted)
Andrew Machin (accepted)
Adrian Mackender (accepted)
Adrian Mackender (accepted)
Adrian Mackender (accepted)
Justin Mannouch (accepted)
Justin Mannouch (accepted)
Tim McIvey (accepted)
Graham Miles (accepted)
Michael Miles (accepted)
Rob Murch (accepted)
Chris Oehring (accepted)
Adam Oxberry (accepted)
Sam Parter (accepted)
Chris Payne (accepted)
Richard Pennell (accepted)
Lee Powell (accepted)
J Preston (accepted)
J Preston (accepted)
Dale Radford (accepted)
Dean Ramsden (accepted)
Stefan Ramsden (accepted)
Martin Reid (accepted)
Martin Reid (accepted)
Mike Sanders (accepted)
Kev Saunders (accepted)
Ryan Shaw (accepted)
David Sidders (accepted)
David Sidders (accepted)
Tony Sidders (accepted)
Ken Sommerville (accepted)
Chris Streatfield (accepted)
Mark Taylor (accepted)
Dave Thornley (accepted)
Mark Tyler (accepted)
Dan Wake (accepted)
Paul Wigley (accepted)

My leagues

East Kent Wednesday Football League (accepted)
Faversham and District 5-a-side (accepted)
Faversham Friendly Indoor 5-a-side League (accepted)
Faversham Wotsit League (accepted)
FCUK (cancelled)
Sittingbourne Indoor 5 a side (accepted)

My divisions

Division One (accepted)
Division Two (accepted)
Division One (accepted)

My knockout competitions

Charity Cup (accepted)
Consolation Cup (accepted)
Consolation Shield (accepted)
Faversham and District 5-a-side Indoor Cup (accepted)
Faversham and District 5-a-side Outdoor Cup (accepted)
Knockout Cup (accepted)