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Rik Hasemore

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Rik Hasemore supports Manchester United. Rik Hasemore's last login time was Tuesday, 01 April 2014 at 18:45. Rik Hasemore has reached the Veteran User level on

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My teams

AFC Gillingham (accepted)
AFC Jordan (accepted)
AFC Millers (accepted)
AFC Poachers (accepted)
Annexe (accepted)
Ash Green (accepted)
Auto Trend (accepted)
Aylesford Reserves (accepted)
Bean (accepted)
Beechwood 76 (accepted)
Black Ball Town (accepted)
Bleakwood Rangers (accepted)
Cannon 24 (accepted)
Castle Colts (accepted)
Charta Lions FC (accepted)
Cliffe Woods (accepted)
Cliffe Woods A (accepted)
Cliffe Woods Lions (accepted)
Concorde (accepted)
Cuxton Village (accepted)
Emerald Star (accepted)
FC Quayside (accepted)
FC Wouldham (accepted)
Fleetway Printers (accepted)
Frindsbury Bell (accepted)
Gillingham (accepted)
Gillingham Green (accepted)
Gillingham Town (accepted)
Gillingham Town Reserves (accepted)
Grain (accepted)
Halfway United (accepted)
Health Action (HACO) (accepted)
Holborough United (accepted)
Hollands & Blair FC (accepted)
Hoo Institute FC (accepted)
Insanity (accepted)
Invicta Colts FC (accepted)
Jolly Knight (accepted)
Jolly Knight Reserves (accepted)
Joydens Wood (accepted)
Kingslee Rovers (accepted)
Leybourne Athletic (accepted)
Leysdown (accepted)
Little Sharsted (accepted)
Lordswood Athletic (accepted)
Luddesdown Lions (accepted)
Luton Rangers (accepted)
Lycos (accepted)
Mackland Arms (accepted)
Manchester United (accepted)
Manor Athletic (accepted)
Medway Angels (accepted)
Medway City (accepted)
Medway Knights (accepted)
Medway Rams FC (accepted)
Medway Rovers FC (accepted)
Medway Rovers XI (accepted)
Medway United (accepted)
O Connells (accepted)
Outer Fenn AFC (accepted)
Park FC (accepted)
Park Regis (accepted)
Park Regis Murston (accepted)
Park Regis Reserves (accepted)
Park Regis Sheppey (accepted)
Parkwood Community Association (accepted)
Pavilion Athletic (accepted)
Phoenix 30 (accepted)
Phoenix 30:Strood (accepted)
Poachers Pocket (accepted)
Princes Park Nemesis (accepted)
Rainham 84 Rangers (accepted)
Ravenswood (accepted)
Real Knights (accepted)
Riverside (accepted)
Sharsted Sports (accepted)
Sheppey Heights (accepted)
Snodland Town (accepted)
Southmere (accepted)
Spyglass & Kettle (accepted)
Stockbury Athletic (accepted)
Stone Club & Institute (accepted)
Swallow Rise 93 (accepted)
Tekkers (accepted)
The Royal George (accepted)
The Ship, Frindsbury (accepted)
The Vineyard (accepted)
Twydall Labour Club (accepted)
Unif-old (accepted)
United Services, Rainham (accepted)
Upchurch (accepted)
VCS Sports FC (accepted)
Viewpoint (accepted)
Wainscott Wanderers (accepted)
Walderslade (accepted)
Walderslade Reserves (accepted)
Woodcoombe Sports & Social (accepted)
Woodcoombe Sports & Social A (accepted)
Woodcoombe Sports Reserves (accepted)
Woodstock Park (accepted)

My players

Ashley Bell (accepted)
Leon Adams (accepted)
Shannon Adams (accepted)
Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha (Nani) (accepted)
Charlie Almond (accepted)
Dan Almond (accepted)
Luís de Abreu Oliveira Anderson (accepted)
Ben Andrews (accepted)
Luke Armour (accepted)
Lee Armstrong (accepted)
Brett Arnold (accepted)
Dean Ashby (accepted)
Jack Ashby (accepted)
Damien Ashcroft (accepted)
Scott Ashford (accepted)
Bill Austin (accepted)
Georges Ba (accepted)
Tony Bagley (accepted)
Lee Baker (accepted)
Steve Baker (accepted)
Danny Bangs (accepted)
Andrew Barton (accepted)
Andy Barton (accepted)
Ash Barton (accepted)
Nick Baxter (accepted)
Dan Becket (accepted)
Darren Belcher (accepted)
Jordan Bell (accepted)
Lewis Bell (accepted)
Lee Benavente (accepted)
Ben Bennett (accepted)
Mark Bentley (accepted)
Tom Bergin (accepted)
Tyrone Berry (accepted)
Adam Best (accepted)
Billy Betts (accepted)
Andy Billingham (accepted)
Alex Birch (accepted)
Glen Bird (accepted)
James Blondrage (accepted)
Damien Blowers (accepted)
Jimmy Bottle (accepted)
Paul Bourner (accepted)
Jason Bousquet (accepted)
Marc Boyns (accepted)
Marc Boyns (accepted)
Mike Bradbury (accepted)
Adam Brain (accepted)
James Brincat (accepted)
Jack Brissenden (accepted)
Matt Brizley (accepted)
Pat Brookes (accepted)
Pat Brooks (accepted)
Ryan Broomfield (accepted)
Aaron Brown (accepted)
Alan Brown (accepted)
Danny Brown (accepted)
Jordan Brown (accepted)
Lee Brown (accepted)
Wes Brown (accepted)
Billy Bryant (accepted)
Richard Bulford (accepted)
Laurie Bullen (accepted)
Joe Burrows (accepted)
Scott Burrows (accepted)
Scott Burrows (accepted)
Brad Butler (accepted)
Bradley Butler (accepted)
Pete Butler (accepted)
Adam Bygrave (accepted)
Rhys Byrne (accepted)
Aiden Cain (accepted)
Asa Cairns (accepted)
Gary Cairns (accepted)
Martin Cairns (accepted)
Shay Cairns (accepted)
Dave Campbell (accepted)
Frazier Campbell (accepted)
James Campbell (accepted)
Billy Carbins (accepted)
Michael Carrick (accepted)
Alex Cashford (accepted)
Scott Chapel (accepted)
Scott Chapell (accepted)
Ben Chapman (accepted)
Dale Chapman (accepted)
Brian Cheeseman (accepted)
Bobby Chiverton (accepted)
Ashton Clare (accepted)
Andy Clarke (accepted)
Sam Clarke (accepted)
Sean Clohessy (accepted)
Daniel Cody (accepted)
Barry Cogan (accepted)
Nick Cole (accepted)
Andy Collins (accepted)
Sam Collins (accepted)
Nathan Cooke (accepted)
John Coombes (accepted)
Luke Cooper (accepted)
Jim Coulson (accepted)
Mark Coulson (accepted)
Daniel Coyle (accepted)
Kevin Coyle (accepted)
Ryan Coyle (accepted)
Shane Craddock (accepted)
Shane Craddock (accepted)
Barry Crittenden (accepted)
Andrew Crofts (accepted)
Danny Cullip (accepted)
Luis Cumbers (accepted)
Dan Cummings (accepted)
Andre Daily (accepted)
Joe Damiral (accepted)
Allen Davies (accepted)
Kyle Davies (accepted)
Lee Davis (accepted)
Harry Dawes (accepted)
Jack Dawkins (accepted)
John Day (accepted)
Chris De Courtney (accepted)
Craig Deamer (accepted)
Simon Dejong (accepted)
Aiden Delahey (accepted)
Michael Denham (accepted)
Andy Dennett (accepted)
Andy Dennett (accepted)
Joe Diss (accepted)
Ben Dodd (accepted)
Adam Doughty (accepted)
Joe Douglas (accepted)
Dwayne Draper (accepted)
Kerry DRosario (accepted)
Chris Eagles (accepted)
Chris Edwards (accepted)
Pat Edwards (accepted)
Paul Edwards (accepted)
Shaun Edwards (accepted)
Aaron Eldridge (accepted)
Aaron Eldridge (accepted)
Greg Elliot (accepted)
James Ellis (accepted)
Andy Elms (accepted)
James Emerson (accepted)
Charlie Evans (accepted)
Jack Evans (accepted)
Jonathan Evans (accepted)
Brandon Everson (accepted)
Patrice Evra (accepted)
Delroy Facey (accepted)
Dong Fangzhuo (accepted)
Mike Fay (accepted)
Freddie Fayers (accepted)
David Feehan (accepted)
Rio Ferdinand (accepted)
Sir Alex Ferguson (accepted)
Stuart Fisk (accepted)
Dave Fitzgerald (accepted)
Aaron Fitzmaurice (accepted)
Luke Flemming (accepted)
Darren Fletcher (accepted)
Ben Foster (accepted)
Ryan Fowle (accepted)
Bradley Fowler (accepted)
Jack Fowler (accepted)
Rob Frankish (accepted)
Ricky Frost (accepted)
Ben Fullard (accepted)
Barry Fuller (accepted)
Barry Fuller (accepted)
George Gallagher (accepted)
Dan Gamble (accepted)
Jamie Gamble (accepted)
Mark Gandy (accepted)
Lee Garlinge (accepted)
Jack Geary (accepted)
Connor Gethin (accepted)
Matt Gethin (accepted)
Ryan Giggs (accepted)
Steve Giles (accepted)
Andrew Gillie (accepted)
Reece Gillies (accepted)
Gary Gilmour (accepted)
Tom Godbold (accepted)
Andy Goldsmith (accepted)
Jay Goodfellow (accepted)
Daniel Gower (accepted)
Callum Graham (accepted)
Dan Green (accepted)
Adam Greetham (accepted)
Ian Gregory (accepted)
Chris Griffin (accepted)
Leroy Griffiths (accepted)
Lee Gumbrill (accepted)
Sean Gutridge (accepted)
Tom Guy (accepted)
Chris Halsey (accepted)
David Hancock (accepted)
Issac Hancock (accepted)
Dan Hanshaw (accepted)
Sam Harding (accepted)
Sam Harding (accepted)
Owen Hargreaves (accepted)
Jason Harrison (accepted)
Luke Harrison (accepted)
Scott Harrison (accepted)
Darren Hasemore (accepted)
Darren Hasemore (accepted)
Dave Hasemore (accepted)
Reg Hasemore (accepted)
Richard Hasemore (accepted)
Richard Hasemore (accepted)
Neil Hayes (accepted)
Tom Hayes (accepted)
Teddy Hayley (accepted)
Mike Heinson (accepted)
Nick Henderson (accepted)
Tom Hewitt (accepted)
Andy Hickey (accepted)
David Hill (accepted)
Alex Hix (accepted)
Clark Hoare (accepted)
Mike Hocking (accepted)
Nick Hocking (accepted)
Colin Hollingsbee (accepted)
Jaymes Hooker (accepted)
Joe Hopkins (accepted)
Craig Hore (accepted)
Josh Horton (accepted)
Carl Hotchkiss (accepted)
Charlie Howard (accepted)
Rory Howrihane (accepted)
James Huggings (accepted)
Adam Hughes (accepted)
Craig Humphrey (accepted)
Jae Humphrey (accepted)
Craig Hurst (accepted)
Arinze Iheme (accepted)
Chris Illingworth (accepted)
Kelvin Jack (accepted)
Daryl Jackson (accepted)
Simeon Jackson (accepted)
Reece Jacobs (accepted)
Lloyd James (accepted)
Lloyd James (accepted)
Harris Jefferson (accepted)
Jamie Jeffrey (accepted)
Park Ji-Sung (accepted)
Andy Johnson (accepted)
Toby Johnson (accepted)
Tommy Jordan (accepted)
Alan Julien (accepted)
Mick Justin (accepted)
Scott Kavanagh (accepted)
James Keen (accepted)
Joe Kent (accepted)
Nick Kent (accepted)
Mark Kettyles (accepted)
Chris Kiely (accepted)
Joe King (accepted)
Simon King (accepted)
Bradley Kitchener (accepted)
Dal Kitchener (accepted)
Jay Knowles (accepted)
Emmanuel Kumson (accepted)
Tomasz Kuszcak (accepted)
Darren Law (accepted)
Ben Lawson (accepted)
Aaron Lee (accepted)
Jamie Lee (accepted)
James Letchford (accepted)
Richard Letchford (accepted)
Ben Lewis (accepted)
Stuart Lewis (accepted)
Marcus Lind (accepted)
Martin Locke (accepted)
Andy Love (accepted)
Will Lusted (accepted)
Lee Luther (accepted)
Kevin Maher (accepted)
Adam Makarok (accepted)
Lee Malone (accepted)
Jason Manderson (accepted)
Zak Mann (accepted)
Chris Manser (accepted)
Ben Manuel (accepted)
Jack Marchant (accepted)
Chris Marco (accepted)
James Marshall (accepted)
Johnny Mathis (accepted)
Dan Maynard (accepted)
Luke MBearty (accepted)
Aaron MCall (accepted)
Mark McCammon (accepted)
Alex McLean (accepted)
Aaron McMullon (accepted)
Adam Middleton (accepted)
Adam Miller (accepted)
Leigh Mills (accepted)
Carl Mitchell (accepted)
Jordan Mitchell (accepted)
Josh Mitchell (accepted)
Perry Morgan (accepted)
Steve Morgan (accepted)
Matt Mount (accepted)
Tyler Mudge (accepted)
Will Mullery (accepted)
Gary Mulligan (accepted)
Chris Mumford (accepted)
Danny Munson (accepted)
Kelvin Munson (accepted)
Lee Munson (accepted)
Lee Munson (accepted)
James Murphy (accepted)
Mohammed Musa (accepted)
Andrea NecchGhiri (accepted)
Mark Neighbour (accepted)
Mark Neighbour (accepted)
Gary Neville (accepted)
Ben Niblett (accepted)
Gary Norman (accepted)
John Nutter (accepted)
Steve Obradovic (accepted)
Lee OBrien (accepted)
Shaun OBrien (accepted)
Marcus Odubonajo (accepted)
David Ogbonna (accepted)
Henry Okoh (accepted)
Dennis Oli (accepted)
Carl ONeill (accepted)
Abiola Openiyan (accepted)
Liam Osborn (accepted)
Liam Osborn (accepted)
Benn Osborne (accepted)
John OShea (accepted)
Jay OSullivan (accepted)
Stuart Oynett (accepted)
Craig Parker (accepted)
Luke Parker (accepted)
Luke Parks (accepted)
Luke Parks (accepted)
James Payne (accepted)
Brad Pearce (accepted)
Dave Pearson (accepted)
Luke Pearson (accepted)
Adam Pearton (accepted)
Adam Pearton (accepted)
Lee Perry (accepted)
Mike Petts (accepted)
Russ Phillips (accepted)
Paul Pickford (accepted)
Paul Pickford (accepted)
Lee Pierce (accepted)
Chris Piesley (accepted)
Gerard Pique (accepted)
Adedayo Pitan (accepted)
Sam Porter (accepted)
Josh Prince (accepted)
Craig Prior (accepted)
Adam Psaila (accepted)
Andrew Pugh (accepted)
Gavin Pullen (accepted)
Eamon Purtill (accepted)
Carlos Queiroz (accepted)
Carlos Queiroz (accepted)
Aston Quinn (accepted)
B Read (accepted)
Roger Reader (accepted)
Garry Richards (accepted)
Gary Richards (accepted)
Jim Richardson (accepted)
Curtis Ripley (accepted)
James Robberts (accepted)
James Robberts (accepted)
Callum Rodgers (accepted)
James Rodgers (accepted)
John Roe (accepted)
Cristiano Ronaldo (accepted)
PJ Rooke (accepted)
Wayne Rooney (accepted)
Michael Rosa (accepted)
Mike Rose (accepted)
Lee Ross (accepted)
Miguel Rothe (accepted)
Simon Royce (accepted)
Mike Russell (accepted)
Matt Sadler (accepted)
James Saffrey (accepted)
Peter Sage (accepted)
Peter Sage (accepted)
Louis Saha (accepted)
Jake Salt (accepted)
Jake Salt (accepted)
Ricki Sandhu (accepted)
Rob Saunders (accepted)
Joe Sawyer (accepted)
Paul Scholes (accepted)
Alan Scott (accepted)
Adrian Scutasu (accepted)
Ian Seath (accepted)
Dan Sedge (accepted)
Joshua Shakeshaft (accepted)
Steve Sharp (accepted)
Kyle Shaw (accepted)
Rob Sheldrake (accepted)
Ian Shephard (accepted)
Robb Sheppard (accepted)
Dave Sherwood (accepted)
Dave Sherwood (accepted)
Andy Shoebridge (accepted)
Dave Sidders (accepted)
Ryan Sillett (accepted)
Mikael Silvestre (accepted)
Donovan Simmonds (accepted)
Nigel Simmonds (accepted)
James Simmons (accepted)
Darren Simms (accepted)
Danny Simpson (accepted)
Kuldip Singh Mann (accepted)
Lance Skinner (accepted)
Carl Smith (accepted)
Dan Smith (accepted)
Dan Smith (accepted)
Daryl Smith (accepted)
Jamie Smith (accepted)
Jamie Smith (accepted)
Mark Smith (accepted)
Matt Smith (accepted)
Perry Smith (accepted)
Sam Smith (accepted)
Tony Smith (accepted)
Jason Smithson (accepted)
Danny Snashall (accepted)
Wes Sneddon (accepted)
Efetobore Sodje (accepted)
Martin Spashett (accepted)
Jake Spinks (accepted)
Jake Spinks (accepted)
Max Spruce (accepted)
Dan Stears (accepted)
Derek Stillie (accepted)
Mark Stimson (accepted)
Connor Stoddel (accepted)
Ashley Stone (accepted)
Craig Stone (accepted)
Craig Street (accepted)
Ben Summers (accepted)
Frankie Swaby (accepted)
Paul Swain (accepted)
Stuart Swain (accepted)
Gary Swift (accepted)
Steve Talbot (accepted)
Neil Tandy (accepted)
Aaron Taylor (accepted)
Fred Taylor (accepted)
Lee Taylor (accepted)
Liam Taylor (accepted)
Steve Taylor (accepted)
Ash Terry (accepted)
Carlos Tevez (accepted)
Paul Thomas (accepted)
Sam Thomas (accepted)
Tayler Thomas (accepted)
Jack Thompson (accepted)
Stuart Thurgood (accepted)
Scott Towers (accepted)
Scott Towers (accepted)
Micheline Tracey (accepted)
Micheline Tracey (accepted)
Shane Tree (accepted)
Simon Tresegar (accepted)
Jamie Troke (accepted)
Lijah Tucker (accepted)
Anthony Turner (accepted)
Ben Turner (accepted)
Ben Turner (accepted)
Spencer Uden (accepted)
Darren Van Cansenary (accepted)
Edwin Van Der Sar (accepted)
Nemanja Vidic (accepted)
Harpel Virbee (accepted)
Vinny Wade (accepted)
Danny Walder (accepted)
Adam Walton (accepted)
Gareth Wareham (accepted)
David Watson (accepted)
Gary Watt (accepted)
Ross Webb (accepted)
Adam Webber (accepted)
Ben Weeks (accepted)
Ian Wells (accepted)
Richard Wells (accepted)
Steve Welsh (accepted)
Curtis Weston (accepted)
Carl White (accepted)
Carl White (accepted)
Lee White (accepted)
Joe Whymark (accepted)
Jack Wigley (accepted)
Jack Wigley (accepted)
Dan Williams (accepted)
Jack Winchester (accepted)
Joe Windmill (accepted)
Aaron Winter (accepted)
George Wood (accepted)
Matt Woodhams (accepted)
Sam Woodrow (accepted)
Gary Woodward (accepted)
Gary Woodward (accepted)
Aaron Woolcock (accepted)
Daniel Wraight (accepted)
Luke Wray (accepted)
Tony Wright (accepted)
Tom Wynter (accepted)
Andy Yates (accepted)
Ashley Yates (accepted)
Nathan Yates (accepted)
Malcom Yearwood (accepted)
Aaron Young (accepted)
Lee Young (accepted)
Nick Young (accepted)

My leagues

Rochester & District Football League (accepted)

My knockout competitions

Centenary Cup B (accepted)
Centenary Cup C (accepted)
Kent Junior Cup B (accepted)
Kent Junior Cup C (accepted)
Quarter Century Cup A (accepted)
Quarter Century Cup B (accepted)
Quarter Century Cup C (accepted)
Sittingbourne & Milton Charity Cup B (accepted)
Sittingbourne & Milton Charity Cup C (accepted)