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The Jags are back

Moorings Thistle reborn ... open |

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My teams

ACC United (expired)
Archibald Simpsons (accepted)
Brig o Dee (expired)
Brig o Dee FC (expired)
Charlotte (expired)
Corndavon (expired)
Cove Revolution (expired)
Cove Revolution (expired)
Cove Revolution (expired)
Cove Social Club (expired)
FC Gilcomston (expired)
FC Gilcomston (expired)
FC Masada (expired)
Frigate (expired)
Frigate (expired)
Grampian (expired)
Grampian Police (expired)
Grampian Police (expired)
Grampian Police (accepted)
Granite City (expired)
Granite City (accepted)
Granite City (expired)
Great Western (expired)
Great Western (accepted)
Great Western FC (expired)
Hillhead (accepted)
Holburn Bar (accepted)
Inverdon (expired)
Inverdon (expired)
Kingswells FC (expired)
kumento (accepted)
Malibu (accepted)
Malibu (expired)
Malibu (expired)
Masada (expired)
Masada (accepted)
Mugiemoss (expired)
North Star (expired)
Northstar (expired)
Pro Clean (expired)
Schooner Thistle (expired)
Schooner Thistle (expired)
Sheddocksley (accepted)
The Northern (expired)
Westhill (expired)
WTR (expired)
WTR (expired)
WTR (accepted)

My players

Wayne Allison (accepted)
Jergenis Blazares (accepted)
Adrian Bremner (expired)
David Brown (expired)
White Bryant (expired)
White Bryant (expired)
Steve Buchanan (accepted)
Jamie Cable (accepted)
Jamie Cable (expired)
Kevin Carroll (expired)
Chris Clark (expired)
Kevin Clark (accepted)
Grant Davidson (expired)
Alex Dick (expired)
Kenny Elrick (accepted)
Andrew Ewen (accepted)
Joe Ewen (expired)
Gary Ewing (accepted)
Antoine Fessy (expired)
Derek Folganen (expired)
Bryan Forbes (accepted)
Peter Fraser (expired)
Michael Gallagher (accepted)
Michael Gannon (accepted)
Chris Garden (expired)
Andrew Gove (expired)
Andy Groundwater (expired)
Martin Guyan (expired)
Raymond Henderson (expired)
Colin Hendry (expired)
Mark Hutchins (accepted)
Mark Hutchins (accepted)
Kieran Innes (expired)
Olegs Jermolajeus (accepted)
Sarassin Jerome (expired)
Anthony Joseph (accepted)
Michael Kelly (accepted)
Barry Knowles (expired)
Sean Lockhead (expired)
Greg Mackie (accepted)
Ross Mackie (expired)
Alan Majury (expired)
Andy Mason (accepted)
Gavin McDonald (accepted)
Kevin McFadden (accepted)
Steven McHardy (expired)
Darren McKenzie (expired)
Stuart McLaughlin (expired)
Mike McNeill (accepted)
Ross Millsom (accepted)
Paul Morgan (accepted)
Gary Morrison (expired)
Bruce Murray (accepted)
James Murray (accepted)
Raymond Murray (expired)
Kris Petty (expired)
Kris Petty (accepted)
David Ridd (expired)
Robert Rintoul (accepted)
Malcolm Robertson (accepted)
Murray Robertson (expired)
Robbie Rosie (accepted)
Grant Sandison (accepted)
Jerome Sarassin (expired)
Jerome Sarassin (expired)
Jerome Sarassin (expired)
Bradley Singer (accepted)
David Smith (expired)
Redmond Smith (accepted)
Stuart Smith (expired)
Alan Stables (expired)
Stuart Tough (expired)
Neil Walker (accepted)
Steven Walker (accepted)
Barry Watt (expired)
Kenneth Williams (expired)
Kenny Williams (accepted)
Gordon Wright (expired)
Michael Wyatt (expired)

My leagues

Sunday Amateur League (expired)
Sunday Amateur League (expired)
aberdeen sunday amateur (accepted)
Aberdeen Sunday Amateur League (expired)
Aberdeen Sunday Amateur League (accepted)
premier (expired)
Premier Division (expired)

My divisions

Sunday Amateur Premier (expired)
2009/2010 (expired)

My knockout competitions

Jim Lumsden Memorial Cup (accepted)
League Cup (accepted)
Sunday Amateur League Cup (accepted)