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My teams

Arrow (accepted)
Ash (cancelled)
Ash Reserves (accepted)
Bekesbourne FC (accepted)
Bettshanger FC (accepted)
Blean FC (accepted)
Broomfield Crusaders (accepted)
Burgess Hodgson FC (accepted)
Cambridge Arms (accepted)
Canterbury City A FC (accepted)
CC Hornets FC (accepted)
Charing FC (accepted)
Chartham Reserves FC (accepted)
Cheriton AFC (accepted)
Chilham FC (accepted)
Chilham Reserves (accepted)
City Firsts FC (accepted)
Clearcut FC (accepted)
Cossacks (accepted)
Cramptons FC (accepted)
Cricketers Athletico (accepted)
Curzon Rangers (accepted)
Deal Kepple (accepted)
E.D.S.R Rangers (accepted)
Europeans FC (accepted)
Falcons (accepted)
Frames (accepted)
Gentyl Knights FC (accepted)
Herne Bay Athletic FC (accepted)
Hythe Wanderers (accepted)
Lesters FC (accepted)
Minster (accepted)
Monument Eagles FC (accepted)
Monument Eagles Reserves (accepted)
Mortons Fork (accepted)
P&O Ferries (accepted)
Post Office FC (accepted)
Premier Reserves FC (accepted)
Prince Albert FC (accepted)
Real McFish (accepted)
Red Arrow FC (accepted)
RQ Dons (expired)
Sentinels FC (accepted)
Sheldons Ultras (accepted)
Snowdown FC (accepted)
Sporting Keppel (accepted)
Sportsman (accepted)
St. Margarets FC (accepted)
St. Stephens FC (accepted)
Sturry (accepted)
Sturry Reserves (accepted)
TEAM REMOVED (accepted)
The Crix FC (accepted)
The Orb (accepted)
the quay (accepted)
The Swan FC (accepted)
Three Cups Rangers (accepted)
Two Sawyers FC (accepted)
University of Kent (accepted)
unknown (accepted)
USA FC (accepted)
Vale Tavern (accepted)
Wall Tavern FC (accepted)
Wingham FC (accepted)
Winsdor Decor (accepted)
Woodnesborough FC (accepted)
Ye Olde Charles (accepted)

My players

Joe Adamo (accepted)
Luke Allen (accepted)
Rob Allen (accepted)
Steve Allen (accepted)
Paul Allister (accepted)
Paul Allister (accepted)
Steve Allum (accepted)
Sid Alwain (accepted)
Matt Andrews (accepted)
Stuart Andrews (accepted)
Steve Anson (accepted)
Josh Archibald (accepted)
Chris Arman (accepted)
Sean Armstrong (accepted)
Sean Armstrong (accepted)
Tom Armstrong (accepted)
Jamie Arnold (accepted)
Gary Ash (accepted)
Aiden Ashton (accepted)
Clinton Ashton (accepted)
Ray Ashton (accepted)
Tim Austin (accepted)
Grant Bagley (accepted)
Sean Bagley (accepted)
Steve Bagshaw (accepted)
Charlie Baker (accepted)
Ben Barker (accepted)
Matt Barnet (accepted)
Jaime Barnett (accepted)
Jay Barrett (accepted)
Andreas Bataregs (accepted)
Jake Bates (accepted)
Vince Bates (accepted)
Dave Bathgate (accepted)
Dave Bathgate (accepted)
Ian Bathgate (accepted)
Chris Baxter (accepted)
Sean Beale (accepted)
Adrien Bean (accepted)
Sean Beeale (accepted)
Gary Beeden (accepted)
Damien Beer (accepted)
John Beer (accepted)
Terry Beer (accepted)
Joe Bell (accepted)
Kelvin Bell (accepted)
Tom Bell (accepted)
Matt Benn (accepted)
Andy Bennett (accepted)
Lewis Bennett (accepted)
Lou Bennett (accepted)
Lou Bennett (accepted)
Lou Bennett (accepted)
Matt Benstead (accepted)
Steve Betts (accepted)
Steve Betts (accepted)
Jason Beveridge (accepted)
Luke Biggington (accepted)
Andy Bigginton (accepted)
Luke Bigginton (accepted)
Denzil Billings (accepted)
Tom Bills (accepted)
Nick Bines (accepted)
Nick Bines (accepted)
Ross Birchall (accepted)
Ash Birchenough (accepted)
Ash Birchenough (accepted)
Craig Birchenough (accepted)
Craig Birchenough (accepted)
Darren Birchenough (accepted)
Dean Birchenough (accepted)
Matt Birchenough (accepted)
Paul Birchenough (accepted)
Tom Bird (accepted)
Duncan Bishop (accepted)
Mark Bishop (accepted)
Mark Bishop (accepted)
N Blackman (accepted)
Nick Blackman (accepted)
Steve Blackman (accepted)
Stuart Blackwell (accepted)
Stuart Blackwell (accepted)
Dave Bladon (accepted)
Dave Bladon (accepted)
Daryll Borello (accepted)
Lee Bosson (accepted)
Tom Bowes (accepted)
Sam Bowles (accepted)
Sam Bowles (accepted)
Matt Boxall (accepted)
Carl Bradley (accepted)
Reece Brandy (accepted)
a Brazier (accepted)
Mat Broster (accepted)
Sam Broster (accepted)
Dan Brown (accepted)
Dan Brown (accepted)
Dave Brown (accepted)
Matt Brown (accepted)
Matt Brown (accepted)
Ryan Brown (accepted)
Shane Bryce (accepted)
Sam Buddle (accepted)
Steve Buddle (accepted)
Jamie Bullivant (accepted)
Ross Burchill (accepted)
Craig Burgess (accepted)
Mike Burns (accepted)
Matt Burrett (accepted)
Mike Burrows (accepted)
Steve Burrows (accepted)
Sean Bythe (accepted)
Scott Cain (accepted)
Thom Cakebread (accepted)
Aaron Caldwell (accepted)
Aaron Caldwell (accepted)
ALAN CALDWELL (accepted)
Dan Caplin (accepted)
Daniel Caplin (accepted)
JASON CAPLIN (accepted)
Jason Caplin (accepted)
Greg Card (accepted)
Greg Card (accepted)
Nathan Carpenter (accepted)
Greg Carrow (accepted)
Matt Carruthers (accepted)
Jordan Casey (accepted)
Sean Cassingena (accepted)
James Caughan (accepted)
Tom Causer (accepted)
Luke Chadwick (accepted)
Mick Chadwick (accepted)
Lewis Chesterton (accepted)
Mark Childs (accepted)
Simon Chittim (accepted)
Rikki Christain (accepted)
Barry Clark (accepted)
Richard Clark (accepted)
Wayne Clarke (accepted)
Sam Cleland (accepted)
Craig Cloke (accepted)
Gary Clubb (accepted)
Luke Cochran (accepted)
Tristan Colbeck (accepted)
Sam Coleman (accepted)
Tobbie Coleman (accepted)
Ed Collins (accepted)
Lee Collins (accepted)
Dave Conner (accepted)
James Cook (accepted)
James Cook (accepted)
Tony Cook (accepted)
Tony Cook (accepted)
Adam Cork (accepted)
Matt Cornhill (accepted)
James Court (accepted)
Jaime Cox (accepted)
Steve Cox (accepted)
Pete Crascall (accepted)
Adam Crawford (accepted)
Aaron Cribben (accepted)
Ryan Crone (accepted)
Lee Crook (accepted)
Leo Crouch (accepted)
John Curry (accepted)
Martin Curry (accepted)
Adam Curtis (accepted)
Richie Curtis (accepted)
Craig Dalton (accepted)
Craig Dalton (accepted)
Gary Daly (accepted)
Brian Darcy (accepted)
Peter Darcy (accepted)
Sean Darkes (accepted)
Chalkey Davey (accepted)
Andy Davies (accepted)
Eddie Davies (accepted)
Scott Dawtry (accepted)
Riccardo De Vivo (accepted)
Pete Deary (accepted)
Bob Dempster (accepted)
Bob Dempster (accepted)
Jas Dempster (accepted)
Lewis Di (accepted)
Jay Ding (accepted)
Aaron Disbury (accepted)
Aaron Disbury (accepted)
Liam Disbury (accepted)
Nathan Ditchburn (accepted)
Brian Dixon (accepted)
Tim Dixon (accepted)
Ryan Doel (accepted)
Ben Dowle (accepted)
Sam Dowle (accepted)
Sam Dowle (accepted)
Adam Dowling (accepted)
James Dray (accepted)
Ben Driver (accepted)
Braddon Dunn (accepted)
Brandon Dunn (accepted)
James Durrant (accepted)
Tom Durrant (accepted)
Carl Eastwell (accepted)
Ross Eberden (accepted)
MARK Eden (accepted)
Kevin Edwards (accepted)
Eamonn Elalem (accepted)
Kyle Elkins (accepted)
John Ellender (accepted)
Kieran Elliot (accepted)
Kieran Elliott (accepted)
Dave Ellis (accepted)
DAVE ELLIS (accepted)
Dave Ellison (accepted)
Wayne Elvin (accepted)
Dave Evans (accepted)
Matt Evans (accepted)
Dean Fagg (accepted)
Dean Fagg (accepted)
Terry Fagg (accepted)
Semi Fandora (accepted)
Darren Farrow (accepted)
James Faulkner (accepted)
Brian Fielding (accepted)
dave Fielding (accepted)
Kevin Fielding (accepted)
Ben Fisher (accepted)
Taylor Fitzhugh (accepted)
Lewis Fitzjohn (accepted)
Aaron Fleming (accepted)
Dave Foad (accepted)
Josh Foad (accepted)
Dean Forrest (accepted)
Lewis Forrest-Holden (accepted)
Luke Foster (accepted)
Jimmy Francis (accepted)
Cliff Friend (accepted)
James Friend (accepted)
Josh Friend (accepted)
Shaun Friend (accepted)
Gareth Frost (accepted)
Gareth Frost (accepted)
Sam Frost (accepted)
Richard Fulcher (accepted)
Stuart Fuller (accepted)
Josh Fyrth (accepted)
Kevin Galvin (accepted)
Danny Gamble (accepted)
Andrew Garrett (accepted)
Rob Gates (accepted)
Jordan Gealer (accepted)
Matt Gibbs (accepted)
Stuart Gibbs (accepted)
a Gilbert (accepted)
Matt Gilbert (accepted)
Matt Gilbert (accepted)
Gareth Glover (accepted)
Gerry Golden (accepted)
Gerry Golden (accepted)
Steve Golden (accepted)
Paul Goode (accepted)
Adam Govey (accepted)
Louie Graham (accepted)
Tony Grant (accepted)
James Graves (accepted)
Sean Green (accepted)
Kingsley Greenaway (accepted)
a Greenfield (accepted)
Dan Gregory (accepted)
Matt Griffin (accepted)
Ross Griggs (accepted)
Declan Groombridge (accepted)
L Groombridge (accepted)
Mark Grounds (accepted)
Ian Grout (accepted)
Darren Grunsell (accepted)
Nathan Grunsell (accepted)
Steve Habbershaw (accepted)
Darren Hamilton (accepted)
Troy Hammesely (accepted)
Chris Hansell (accepted)
Dean Harbour (accepted)
William Harcourt (accepted)
Craig Harman (accepted)
Stuart Harris (accepted)
Dan Harrison (accepted)
Kev Hart (accepted)
Louis Hart (accepted)
Brendan Hawker (accepted)
mark Hayter (accepted)
Mark Hayter (accepted)
Nathan Hazelwood (accepted)
Bradley Head (accepted)
Marcus Headley (accepted)
markus Headley (accepted)
Liam Heafey (accepted)
Liam Heafy (accepted)
Dave Hearn (accepted)
Damien Heath (accepted)
Pete Heath (accepted)
Andy Herbert (accepted)
Andy wingham Herbert (accepted)
Kevin Herbert (accepted)
Graham Hicklin (accepted)
Shaun Hicks (accepted)
Andy Hill (accepted)
Rob Hills (accepted)
David Hoile (accepted)
Martin Holdsworth (accepted)
Simon Holdsworth (accepted)
David Holie (accepted)
a Holland (accepted)
Alfie Holland (accepted)
Rob Holland (accepted)
Josh Holley (accepted)
JOn Hooper (accepted)
Adam Hopkins (accepted)
Nigel Hopkins (accepted)
Jon Hopper (accepted)
Adam Horne (accepted)
Ilir Hoti (accepted)
Lyle House (accepted)
Ryland House (accepted)
Paul Howard (accepted)
NICK HOWATH (accepted)
Alex Howell (accepted)
Jimmy Howland (accepted)
Kieren Hubbard (accepted)
Ben Hughes (accepted)
Kirk Hughes (accepted)
Kyle Hughes (accepted)
Trev Hughes (accepted)
Liam Hulks (accepted)
Ryan Hulks (accepted)
Zac Hussain (accepted)
Adam Hyland (accepted)
Matt Hyland (accepted)
Dan Irvine (accepted)
Sam Isherwood (accepted)
Sam Issacs (accepted)
Craig Jacobs (accepted)
Liam Jacobs (accepted)
Paul Jacobs (accepted)
Matt Jamieson (accepted)
Henry Jardella (accepted)
Carl Jenkins (accepted)
Nathaniel Jevons (accepted)
Dean Johnson (accepted)
Ainsley Jones (accepted)
Martin Jones (accepted)
Mike Jones (accepted)
Russell Jones (accepted)
Nathan Joseph (accepted)
Nathan Joseph (accepted)
Mo Kamara (accepted)
Scott Kay (accepted)
Tony Kember (accepted)
BEN Kemp (accepted)
Jamie Kemp (accepted)
Matt Kemp (accepted)
Matt Kemp (accepted)
Matt Kemp (accepted)
Tony Kemp (accepted)
Ally Kennedy (accepted)
Jack Kennet (accepted)
Luke Kennett (accepted)
Lee Kent (accepted)
Chris Kerr (accepted)
Samuel Ketcher (accepted)
Brendan King (accepted)
Brendan King (accepted)
Wayne King (accepted)
p Kingsnorth (accepted)
Warren Kingsnorth (accepted)
Darius Klinek (accepted)
Nigel Laker (accepted)
Nigel Laker (accepted)
Paul Laker (accepted)
Jamie Lancaster (accepted)
Scott Lancaster (accepted)
Matt Larkins (accepted)
Jamie Law (accepted)
Steve Law (accepted)
Steve Law (accepted)
John Lawrence (accepted)
Kevin Lawrence (accepted)
Ben Lebearl (accepted)
Ben Leberl (accepted)
James Letts (accepted)
SHANE LETTS (accepted)
Allan Lewis (accepted)
Braddon Lewis (accepted)
Brandon Lewis (accepted)
Brendan Lewis (accepted)
Kieran Lewis (accepted)
Kieron Lewis (accepted)
Ben Ling (accepted)
Scott Lisle (accepted)
Paul Loader (accepted)
Grant Lockett (accepted)
Dean Lodder (accepted)
Robbie Logan (accepted)
Mike Long (accepted)
Adam Lorito (accepted)
Kiel Lovell (accepted)
KIEL LOVELL (accepted)
Justin Luchford (accepted)
Jordan Maggs (accepted)
Charlie Mahon (accepted)
Mark Mahon (accepted)
Thomas Mako (accepted)
Mike Marfut (accepted)
Gavin Marsh (accepted)
Gavin Marsh (accepted)
Liam Marsh (accepted)
Liam Marsh (accepted)
Dan Martin (accepted)
Ollie Martin (accepted)
Rory Martin (accepted)
Luka Marzek (accepted)
Charlie Matcham (accepted)
Rod Matcham (accepted)
Blane Matthews (accepted)
Lee Matthews (accepted)
Lukas Maycock (accepted)
Craig McCann (accepted)
Pete McCarvil (accepted)
Pete McCarvil (accepted)
Gary McCondach (accepted)
Kane McDonald (accepted)
Calum McGeehan (accepted)
Grant McGeehan (accepted)
Aaron McGuire (accepted)
Aaron McGuire (accepted)
Mick McGuire (accepted)
Graham McIntyre (accepted)
Graham McIntyre (accepted)
Chris McKnight (accepted)
Charlie McMahon (accepted)
Jim McMillian (accepted)
Andy McMurray (accepted)
Andy McMurray (accepted)
Andy McNicholas (accepted)
Mike McNicholas (accepted)
Paul McNicholas (accepted)
Simon McPhee (accepted)
Clint McTaggart (accepted)
Callum Meadows (accepted)
Jordan Meadows (accepted)
Callum Messiter (accepted)
Dean Miller (accepted)
Jordan Miller (accepted)
Steve Miller (accepted)
Zack Mills (accepted)
Ken Mitchell (accepted)
Lee Mitchell (accepted)
Nathan Mitford (accepted)
Brett Moncl (accepted)
Brett Moncrieff (accepted)
Jim Mooney (accepted)
Jim Mooney (accepted)
Aaron Morgan (accepted)
Chris Morris (accepted)
Josh Morris (accepted)
Josh Morris (accepted)
Paul Morris (accepted)
Paul Morris (accepted)
Jordan Mortley (accepted)
Sid Mortley (accepted)
Chris Muir (accepted)
Jill Muir (accepted)
Jonny Muir (accepted)
Patrick Mulvihill (accepted)
Dave Mwamba (accepted)
Chris Napier (accepted)
Jake Napier (accepted)
Shane Neil (accepted)
Mark Noble (accepted)
Mark Noble (accepted)
G Norton (accepted)
Gavin Oakley (accepted)
Stephen OBrien (accepted)
Steve OBrien (accepted)
Ben OHare (accepted)
Dave OHare (accepted)
Gary OHare (accepted)
Mike OHare (accepted)
Jack Oliver (accepted)
Jason Oliver (accepted)
Dan ONeill (accepted)
Alex Osbourne (accepted)
Russ Osbourne (accepted)
Sunday Oshikoya (accepted)
Ricky Owen (accepted)
Ricky Owen (accepted)
LEE PARK (accepted)
ross Park (accepted)
Lee Parks (accepted)
Danny Parr (accepted)
Mitch Parsons (accepted)
Craig Pay (accepted)
Gavin Pay (accepted)
Lewis Peacock (accepted)
Simon Pellit (accepted)
James Perfect (accepted)
Miles Perrin (accepted)
Gary Pettman (accepted)
Jordan Pettman (accepted)
Kieron Pettman (accepted)
Andy Philips (accepted)
Gareth Philips (accepted)
Gary Phillips (accepted)
Dale Philpot (accepted)
Liam Philpot (accepted)
Dan Pilbeam (accepted)
Joe Plant (accepted)
UNUSED PLAYER (accepted)
Andy Pollard (accepted)
Mark Pollard (accepted)
Danny Pond (accepted)
Brian Porter (accepted)
Dom Powell (accepted)
Dan Price (accepted)
Dan Price (accepted)
Dan Price (accepted)
Luke Price (accepted)
Paul Price (accepted)
Danny Prior (accepted)
Sam Pritchard (accepted)
Ian Punton (accepted)
Ian Punton (accepted)
Mark Punton (accepted)
Scott Punton (accepted)
Luke Quested (accepted)
Connor Quinn (accepted)
Reece Quinn (accepted)
Mokhtar Radie (accepted)
Shushanta Rai (accepted)
Ganesh Rana (accepted)
Justin Randall (accepted)
Nick Randall (accepted)
Jack Ratcliffe (accepted)
Scott Rayner (accepted)
Steve Read (accepted)
Wes Rebbick (accepted)
Martin Rebeck (accepted)
a Reddick (accepted)
Jamie Reed (accepted)
Scott Reed (accepted)
Alex Revell (accepted)
Alex Revell (accepted)
Dave Reynaert (accepted)
Bobby Reynolds (accepted)
Karim Rezaie (accepted)
Jay Rigden (accepted)
Paul Roberts (accepted)
Craig Robertson (accepted)
Dan Robinson (accepted)
Dan Robinson (accepted)
Ryan Rodgers (accepted)
Ben Rodmal (accepted)
Adam Rogulski (accepted)
Steve Rother (accepted)
Jason Roy (accepted)
Ian Russell (accepted)
Ben Ryan (accepted)
Mark Sadie (accepted)
Mark Salvage (accepted)
Dean Santer (accepted)
Kirk Savage (accepted)
Aaron Scott (accepted)
Aarron Lee Scott (accepted)
Dom Scott (accepted)
Jamie Scott (accepted)
Mitchell Selby (accepted)
Tony Selby (accepted)
Ant Sharpe (accepted)
Aaron Shaw (accepted)
John Sheldrick (accepted)
Karl Shepherd (accepted)
Louis Shepherd (accepted)
Mike Sheridan (accepted)
Lee Shopland (accepted)
Dan Shorne (accepted)
Jamie Short (accepted)
Andrew Silk (accepted)
Ryan Silvester (accepted)
Ben Simpson (accepted)
Daryl Simpson (accepted)
Ethan Simpson (accepted)
Ryan Sims (accepted)
Dale Skelton (accepted)
Derrie Skinner (accepted)
Josh Sleth (accepted)
Danny Small (accepted)
Jake Small (accepted)
Aaron Smart-Wood (accepted)
Lloyd Smissen (accepted)
Troy Smissen (accepted)
Craig Smith (accepted)
George Smith (accepted)
Jon Smith (accepted)
Matt Smith (accepted)
Ray Smith (accepted)
Ray Smith (accepted)
Steve Smith (accepted)
Tim Smith (accepted)
Jack Snell (accepted)
Jack Snell (accepted)
Aaron Snelling (accepted)
Alex Snelling (accepted)
Duncan Spain (accepted)
Aaron Spence (accepted)
Ben Steed (accepted)
Phillip Stepney (accepted)
Pip Stepney (accepted)
Paul Stevens (accepted)
Sam Stevens (accepted)
Lloyd Stevenson (accepted)
Al Stonebridge (accepted)
Lou Stonebridge (accepted)
Aaron Stoner (accepted)
Scott Strain (accepted)
Callum Stroud (accepted)
Matt Stroud (accepted)
Matt Stroud (accepted)
Kyle Sturgess (accepted)
Kyle Sturgess (accepted)
Ian Sullivan (accepted)
J Sullivan (accepted)
a Sutcliffe (accepted)
Gavin Symore (accepted)
Darren Talling (accepted)
Lee Talyor (accepted)
Neal Tappenden (accepted)
Neil Tappenden (accepted)
Darren Tarver (accepted)
Rob Tatum (accepted)
Anthony Taylor (accepted)
Dan Taylor (accepted)
Lee Taylor (accepted)
Shane Taylor (accepted)
Ben Tester (accepted)
Ben Tester (accepted)
Will Tester (accepted)
Will Tester (accepted)
George Thatcher (accepted)
Craig Thompson (accepted)
Craig Thompson (accepted)
Darren Thompson (accepted)
Luke Thompson (accepted)
mark Thompson (accepted)
Mark Thompson (accepted)
Lee Thorpe (accepted)
Travis Thrale (accepted)
Mark Tomkins (accepted)
Matt Topping (accepted)
John Townsend (accepted)
Mark Turnbull (accepted)
Richard Turner (accepted)
Wayne Turner (accepted)
Dean Twyman (accepted)
Richard Uff (accepted)
Richard Uff (accepted)
John Underwood (accepted)
Chris Upton (accepted)
David Upton (accepted)
David Upton (accepted)
Wayne Vance (accepted)
Callum Vine (accepted)
Dan Voller (accepted)
Liam Voller (accepted)
Liam Voller (accepted)
Lee Wakefield (accepted)
Lee Wakefield (accepted)
Jez Walker (accepted)
Mark Walker (accepted)
Paul Walker (accepted)
a Wallace (accepted)
Simon Wallace (accepted)
a Walledge (accepted)
Brian Walledge (accepted)
Lee Walledge (accepted)
Jake Waller (accepted)
Jon Waller (accepted)
Steve Waller (accepted)
Aaron Walsh (accepted)
Gary Wamsley (accepted)
Glyn Ward (accepted)
Glyn Ward (accepted)
Char Ware (accepted)
Darren Waring (accepted)
Dan Watson (accepted)
Danny Watson (accepted)
Danny Watson (accepted)
Joe Watton (accepted)
Paul Weatherall (accepted)
Jason Wenlock (accepted)
Matt West (accepted)
Matt West (accepted)
Matt West (accepted)
Lee Westaldy (accepted)
Kye Westgarth (accepted)
Reece Wheeler (accepted)
Steve Whetton (accepted)
Andy White (accepted)
Andy White (accepted)
Jason White (accepted)
Carl Whitehead (accepted)
Carl Whitehead (accepted)
Kris Whiteoak (accepted)
Brian Wickings (accepted)
Marc Wilks (accepted)
Mark Wilks (accepted)
Did Williams (accepted)
Did Williams (accepted)
Dan Williamson (accepted)
Dan Williamson (accepted)
Jim Williamson (accepted)
Terry Williamson (accepted)
James Willis (accepted)
Dan Willson (accepted)
Chris Wilson (accepted)
Ryan Wilson (accepted)
Jordan Winley (accepted)
Tom Wolfe (accepted)
Jord Wolley (accepted)
Jordon Wolley (accepted)
Steve Wood (accepted)
John Woodward (accepted)
Mark Woodward (accepted)
Rob Woodward (accepted)
Billy Wright (accepted)
Billy Wright (accepted)
Michael Yardy (accepted)
Jim Yarwood (accepted)
Jamie Yeo (accepted)
Matt Young (accepted)

My leagues

Canterbury & District Football League (cancelled)
Dover Sunday Football League (accepted)

My divisions

Premier Division (accepted)
Division Two (accepted)
Division Three (accepted)

My knockout competitions

Canterbury Charity Cup (cancelled)
Challenge Cup (cancelled)
Dover Mercury Cup (accepted)
Faversham Charity Cup (cancelled)
Invicta Trophy (accepted)
Kent Cup (cancelled)
Kent Cup Saturdays (cancelled)
Kent Junior Trophy. (accepted)
Kent Premier Cup (cancelled)
Smallwood Trophy (accepted)
Whitstable Charity Cup (cancelled)