Tuesday 29 Jul 2014

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christ_in_craig's last login time was Friday, 25 October 2013 at 21:57. christ_in_craig has reached the Trainee User level on soccerweekend.com.

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My players

Karl Bakewell (accepted)
Joe Bates (accepted)
Mazz Dolan (accepted)
Shane Essex (accepted)
Dom Gordon (accepted)
Darren Jackson (accepted)
Jake Johnston (accepted)
Luke Johnston (accepted)
Dec O Shaye (accepted)
Stefan Scott (accepted)
Kirk Seal (accepted)
Elmo Simons (accepted)
Craig Sweeney - Essex (accepted)
Taz Taz (accepted)
Brandon Wood (accepted)
Yohannes Yohannes (accepted)
Yohannes Yohannes (accepted)

My divisions

Division 1 Rich and Carr Solicitors (accepted)