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Adem supports Tottenham Hotspur. Adem's last login time was Tuesday, 21 October 2008 at 12:39. Adem has reached the Professional User level on

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My teams

Crayside Colts (expired)
Keston Rovers (cancelled)
The Flames (cancelled)

My players

Ian Booth (expired)
Glen Calvert (expired)
Terry Daniels (expired)
Terry Dunford (expired)
Tim Fitzmaurice (expired)
O G (expired)
Jack Harding (expired)
Michael Jones (expired)
Rob Jones (expired)
Joe Kenny (expired)
Alex Le Vey (expired)
Scott Maciera (expired)
Sean Price (expired)
Adem Ramadan (expired)
Kerim Ramadan (expired)
Sean Redmond (expired)
Tom Riddell (expired)
Jerry Riley (expired)
Craig Shields (expired)
Stuart Shields (expired)
Jason Stoker (expired)
Grant Taylor (expired)
Lee Thurgood (expired)
Michael Thurgood (expired)
Eiji Watanabe (expired)
zblank zblank (expired)
ZBlank ZBlank (cancelled)
ZBlank ZBlank (cancelled)
ZBlank ZBlank (cancelled)

My leagues

Orpington & Bromley Sunday League (expired)

My divisions

First Division (expired)
Second Division (expired)
Third Division (expired)
Fifth Division (expired)

My knockout competitions

Jack Standen Cup (expired)
Paul Picard Memorial Cup (expired)
Presidents Charity Cup (expired)
Smales Trophy (expired)
Ted Conner Charity Shield (expired)