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My teams

AFC Alverstoke (accepted)
AFC Dynamo (accepted)
AFC Dynamo U10 (accepted)
AFC Dynamo ( U14 ) (accepted)
AFC Dynamo ( U16 ) Girls (accepted)
AFC Dynamo Blue U13 (accepted)
AFC Dynamo Red U13 (accepted)
AFC Dynamo U11 (accepted)
AFC Dynamo U12 (accepted)
AFC Dynamo U15s (accepted)
AFC Dynamo U18 (accepted)
AFC Gosport (accepted)
AFC Gosport Town (accepted)
AFC Junction (accepted)
BDML Spartans (cancelled)
Bridgemary Buffalos (accepted)
Bridgemary Colts (accepted)
bridgemary colts (accepted)
Bridgemary Colts (accepted)
Bridgemary Colts U14 (accepted)
Bridgemary Colts U15 (accepted)
Bridgemary Colts XI (accepted)
Bridgemary Colts Youth (accepted)
Bridgemary Colts Youth (accepted)
Daedalus Old Boys (accepted)
Delme Arms (accepted)
Duke of Connaughts (accepted)
Elson Titans (accepted)
FC 147 (accepted)
Gosport Wanderers (accepted)
Harchester United (accepted)
Hoeford United (accepted)
Liverpool (accepted)
Mill Road Athletic (accepted)
MM Sports (cancelled)
Mottisfont (accepted)
MTA (accepted)
Portsmouth (accepted)
T F United (accepted)
TML (accepted)
Vine (accepted)

My players

Conner Agar (accepted)
Daniel Akehurst (accepted)
Reese Allcock (accepted)
Matthew Allen (accepted)
Damien Arbon (accepted)
Jamie Ashdown (accepted)
Christopher Atkinson (accepted)
Robert Atkinson (accepted)
Michael Austin (accepted)
Michael Bailey (accepted)
Christopher Baker (accepted)
Damien Bannon (accepted)
Samuel Barr (accepted)
Steven Beech (accepted)
Kristofer Beel (accepted)
Jack Bennett (accepted)
Matthew Bentley (accepted)
Craig Bethell (accepted)
Natalie Bethell (accepted)
Nathan Bethell (accepted)
Nathan Bethell (accepted)
Scott Bethell (accepted)
Scott Bethell (accepted)
Sam Bevan (accepted)
Danny Bohannan (accepted)
Papa Bouba Diop (requested)
Papa Bouba Diop (accepted)
James Bradley (accepted)
Jason Brant (accepted)
Billie Briggs (accepted)
Robin Brindley (accepted)
Dan Burrows (accepted)
Michael Burton (accepted)
Sol Campbell (accepted)
Christine Campion (accepted)
James Carr (accepted)
Ben Carter (accepted)
Callum Chambers (accepted)
Joshua Chase (accepted)
Oliver Clark (accepted)
Alexander Cox (accepted)
Chelsea Coxon (accepted)
Martin Cranie (accepted)
Luke Cripps (accepted)
Anthony Cross (accepted)
Samuel Cross (accepted)
Rhys Cummings (accepted)
Kieron Curtis (accepted)
Kahn Cuthbert (accepted)
Dominic Dalton (accepted)
Jordan Daniel (accepted)
Nathan Daniels (accepted)
Amie Darrington (accepted)
Luke Davies (accepted)
Nathan Davies (accepted)
Steven Davies (accepted)
Sean Davis (accepted)
Scott Day (accepted)
Nathan Dempsey (accepted)
Sylvain Distin (accepted)
Joe Docherty (accepted)
Luke Docherty (accepted)
Stephen Docherty (accepted)
Richard Duffy (accepted)
Aaron Edwards (accepted)
Ricky Farmer (accepted)
Craig Fitall (accepted)
Jamie Fitzpatrick (accepted)
Alexandra Flux (accepted)
Daniel Flux (accepted)
PAUL FOGWILL (accepted)
Roy Fogwill (accepted)
Gary Fox (accepted)
Adam Francis (accepted)
Mike Freeborn (accepted)
Daniel Furlong (accepted)
Andrew Gibbins (accepted)
Ben Gosling (accepted)
Shaynee Gouge (accepted)
Joe Graham (accepted)
Chaley Gray (accepted)
Erica Gray (accepted)
Jack Gregory (accepted)
Josh Halliday (accepted)
Mark Halliday (accepted)
Ryan Hammond (accepted)
Michael Hand (accepted)
Josh Hardon (accepted)
Sam Hardon (accepted)
Nathan Hardy (accepted)
Liam Harris (accepted)
Ross Harrop (accepted)
Alexandra Hartley (accepted)
Aaron Hathaway (accepted)
Ryan Hathaway (accepted)
Ryan Haycock (accepted)
Dominic Holling (accepted)
Tim Holling (accepted)
Owen Hosell (accepted)
Neil House (accepted)
Marc Howard (accepted)
Louis Howes (accepted)
Hermann Hreidarsson (accepted)
Richard Hughes (accepted)
Scott Hughes (accepted)
Peter Illingworth (accepted)
David James (accepted)
Stuart James (accepted)
Ben Jarvis (accepted)
Lucas Jassal (accepted)
Craig Jerrard (accepted)
Glen Johnson (accepted)
N****wo Kanu (accepted)
Dean Keating (accepted)
Jon-Paul Kelsey (accepted)
Ben Kemp (accepted)
Phillip Kempton (accepted)
Luke Kent (accepted)
Dean Kiely (accepted)
Chelsey Kilcoyne (accepted)
Stefan King (accepted)
Aaron Knight (accepted)
Marcus Knights (accepted)
Niko Kranjcar (accepted)
Jason Langridge (accepted)
Matthew Larkin (accepted)
Lauren (accepted)
Sebastian Lea (accepted)
Jonathan Leask (accepted)
Sean Linger (accepted)
Ben Living (accepted)
Lomana Tresor LuaLua (accepted)
Gordon Mackenzie (accepted)
James Mackenzie (accepted)
Daniel Macnamara (accepted)
Luke Manktelow (accepted)
Jim Mardle (accepted)
Jamie Mason (accepted)
James Matthews (accepted)
Luke McKay (accepted)
William McNee (accepted)
Miguel Pedro Mendes (accepted)
James Miller (accepted)
Ryan Mitchell (accepted)
Lee Morse (accepted)
Sulley Muntari (accepted)
Tom Murphy (accepted)
Arnold Mvuemba (accepted)
Benjani Mwaruwari (accepted)
Jordan Nash (accepted)
Richard Ness (accepted)
Craig Nugent (accepted)
David Nugent (accepted)
Gary ONeil (accepted)
David Pack (accepted)
Bradley Page (accepted)
Keiron Palmer (accepted)
Keiron Palmer (accepted)
Noe Pamarot (accepted)
Michael Parry (accepted)
Dale Paternotte (accepted)
Ciaran Paterson (accepted)
Callum Patterson (accepted)
Wayne Peake Jr (accepted)
Jake Pearce (accepted)
Paul Pennells (accepted)
Alex Perrins (accepted)
Adam Phillips (accepted)
Chris Plow (accepted)
KEVIN PLOW (accepted)
Mason Pointon (accepted)
Linvoy Primus (accepted)
Joshua Prince (accepted)
Bradley Ramsden (accepted)
Hadi Rarman (accepted)
Sean Rawlings (accepted)
Daniel Rawlinson (accepted)
Harry Redknapp (accepted)
Aaron Reed (accepted)
Tom Reed (accepted)
Karl Reid (accepted)
Peter Rennison (accepted)
Craig Rigg (accepted)
Luke Rogers (accepted)
Greg Rose (accepted)
Lewis Rowe (accepted)
Jamie Rustom (accepted)
Peter Savage (accepted)
Kieran Searle (accepted)
Tyrone Sharp (accepted)
Jamie Skeet (accepted)
Mikey Smith (accepted)
Brian Snowden (accepted)
Franck Songoo (accepted)
Allen Sorrell (accepted)
Tom Sparks (accepted)
Stewart Squire (accepted)
Ian Stedman (accepted)
Dejan Stefanovic (accepted)
Rikki Sutton (accepted)
Matthew Taylor (accepted)
David Thompson (accepted)
George Tindale (accepted)
KEVIN TRAIN (accepted)
James Tranter (accepted)
Djimi Traore (accepted)
Billy Truman (accepted)
Matthew Turner (accepted)
John Utaka (accepted)
Charlie Wakefield (accepted)
Devin Wakefield (accepted)
Christie Walker (accepted)
Matthew Ward (accepted)
Carl Warwick (accepted)
Chris Webb (accepted)
Alex Weston (accepted)
Thomas Whatmough (accepted)
Josh Whittington (accepted)
Kenny Wilkinson (accepted)
Nick Williamson (accepted)
Ronnie Williamson (accepted)
Adam Willis (accepted)
Kane Willis (accepted)
Johnathon Wilson (accepted)
Curtis Woodrow (accepted)
Jack Wraithmell (accepted)
Joel Wraithmell (accepted)
Liam Yates (accepted)

My leagues

Gosport, Fareham & Solent Football League (accepted)
Mid Solent (accepted)
Mid Solent U 11s (accepted)
Mid Solent U 11s (accepted)
Mid Solent U 12s (accepted)
Mid Solent U 13s (accepted)
Mid Solent U 16s (accepted)
Mid Solent U11s (accepted)
New Forest Girls Football League U14s (accepted)
South Hants Glass Under 10s (accepted)
South Hants Glass Under 15s (accepted)
South Hants Glass Under 17/18 Division (accepted)
South Hants Glass Under 18s (accepted)
Winchester District Girls Football League (accepted)

My divisions

Premier League (declined)
Division 1 (accepted)
Division 2 (accepted)
Division 3 (accepted)
Division 4 (accepted)
Division 5 (accepted)
Division 6 (accepted)
Group A (accepted)
Group B (accepted)
Group C (accepted)
Group D (accepted)
Group E (accepted)
Group F (accepted)
Group G (accepted)
Group H (accepted)
Group I (accepted)
Group J (accepted)
Group K (accepted)
Group L (accepted)
Group M (accepted)
Group N (accepted)
Group P (accepted)
Group Q (accepted)
Group R (accepted)
Division B (accepted)
Division A (accepted)
Division A (accepted)
Division B (accepted)
Division C (accepted)
Division B (accepted)
Division A (accepted)
Division 2 (accepted)
Division C (accepted)
Division C (accepted)
Division A (accepted)
League 1 Girls (accepted)

My knockout competitions

Challenge Cup (accepted)
Combination Cup (accepted)
Fareham Town Supporters Cup (accepted)
Gosport Borough Supporters Cup (accepted)
Hants Sunday Intermediate Cup (accepted)
Hants Sunday Junior A Cup (accepted)
Hants Sunday Junior B Cup (accepted)
Hants Sunday Junior C Cup (accepted)
Hants Sunday Senior Cup (accepted)
League Cup ( U14 ) Girls (accepted)
PDFA Junior A Cup (accepted)
PDFA Junior B Cup (accepted)
PDFA Junior C Cup (accepted)
PDFA Victory Cup (accepted)
PFA Junior C Cup (accepted)
South Hants Challenge Cup U15s (accepted)
South Hants Glass Challenge Cup U10 (accepted)
Under 11s League Cup (accepted)
Under 16s League Cup (accepted)