Tuesday 22 May 2018

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Ian Smith

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Ian Smith supports Brighton & Hove Albion. Ian Smith's last login time was Monday, 02 April 2012 at 10:05. Ian Smith has reached the Veteran User level on soccerweekend.com.

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My teams

44Two FC (accepted)
AFC Barnfield (accepted)
AFC Livingstone (accepted)
Anchorians Athletic (accepted)
APOEL (accepted)
Aquachain (accepted)
Arriva (accepted)
Arsenal (accepted)
Astana (accepted)
Astana (accepted)
Aston Villa (accepted)
Aviator (accepted)
Aviator A (accepted)
B & W Athletic (accepted)
B52s (accepted)
Bapchild-Midas (accepted)
Bar One (accepted)
Bar One (accepted)
Bar One Res (accepted)
Bar One Reserves (accepted)
BATE (accepted)
Bay View (accepted)
Beşiktaş (accepted)
Beausports (accepted)
Beausports Reserves (accepted)
Beauty of Bath (accepted)
Beitar Jerusalem (accepted)
Birmingham (accepted)
Black Lion (accepted)
Black Lion (accepted)
Black Lion Sports (accepted)
Blackburn Rovers (accepted)
Bolton Wanderers (accepted)
Borden Park Wanderers (accepted)
Bourne Rovers (accepted)
Bridgewood (accepted)
Bridgewood (error) (accepted)
Brighton & Hove Albion (accepted)
Brown Jug (accepted)
Burham (accepted)
Burham Reserves (accepted)
Burnt Oak 08 (accepted)
Burnt Oak 2000 (accepted)
Castle Tavern (accepted)
Chatham Riverside (accepted)
Chelsea (accepted)
Classic Real (accepted)
Cliffe (accepted)
Cliffe Royals (accepted)
Cliffe Royals Reserves (accepted)
Cliffe Royals Reserves (accepted)
Cliffe Wood Rangers (accepted)
Cliffe Woods Colts (accepted)
Cliffe Woods Colts Reserves (accepted)
Coach & Horses (Strood) (accepted)
Co-op Social (accepted)
Courtenay Rangers (accepted)
Courtenay Rangers Reserves (accepted)
Courtney Rangers (accepted)
Coutney Rangers (accepted)
Coxheath & Farleigh (accepted)
Cricketers 2000 (accepted)
Cricketers United (accepted)
Cronin (accepted)
Crown (accepted)
Crvena Zvezda (accepted)
Cuxton & Strood (accepted)
Cuxton 91 (accepted)
Cuxton 91 Reserves (accepted)
Cuxton autos (accepted)
Cuxton Social (accepted)
Darland Athletic (accepted)
Dartford Senior (accepted)
Deanview 95 (accepted)
Deanwood (accepted)
Debrecen (accepted)
Derby County (accepted)
Derry (accepted)
Dinamo Zagreb (accepted)
Domžale (accepted)
Domžale (accepted)
Dore United (accepted)
Dudelange (accepted)
Eastern Athletic (accepted)
Eden (accepted)
Elfsborg (accepted)
Elite 05 (accepted)
Everton (accepted)
FC Entertainer (accepted)
FC Nore (accepted)
FC Nore (accepted)
FC Steaua (accepted)
Featherby (accepted)
Flying Dutchman (accepted)
Fountain (accepted)
Fox & Goose (accepted)
Frindsbury Bell (accepted)
Frog & Toad Sports (accepted)
Fulham (accepted)
Fulston Zebras (accepted)
Fulston Zebras (accepted)
Fulston Zebras (accepted)
Fulston Zebras Res (accepted)
Fulwich Hotel (accepted)
Genk (accepted)
Gillingham Barge (accepted)
Gillingham Supporters (accepted)
Gillingham Supporters (accepted)
Gills Travel (accepted)
Glasgow Rangers (accepted)
Globe and Engine (accepted)
Golden Arrow (accepted)
Gore Court Arms (accepted)
Green Lion (accepted)
Grosvenor Sports (accepted)
Grove Park (accepted)
GTCSC (accepted)
GTCSCFC (accepted)
Hafnarfjördur (accepted)
Halling (accepted)
Harps Inn (accepted)
Hawks (accepted)
HB (accepted)
Hempstead (accepted)
Hilltop FC (accepted)
Hollands & Blair (accepted)
Holm Sports FC (accepted)
Holmesdale Sunday (accepted)
Horsted (accepted)
Horsted Youth (accepted)
Hythe RBL (accepted)
Innbar Taverns Sunday (accepted)
Insport (accepted)
Insport FC (accepted)
Inter Gills (accepted)
Inter Gills Reserves (accepted)
IOS Academy (accepted)
IOS Academy Reserves (accepted)
Isle of Sheppey Academy (accepted)
Ivy Leaf FC (accepted)
JJL Bounty (accepted)
Jolly Sailor (accepted)
JS Athletic (accepted)
Kaunas (accepted)
Kemsley Village (accepted)
Kings Head (accepted)
Knightsview (accepted)
København (accepted)
Lenkoran (accepted)
Levadia (accepted)
Levadia (accepted)
Levski (accepted)
Leysdown (accepted)
Linfield (accepted)
Lipscomb Fiat (accepted)
Liverpool (accepted)
Livingstone Arms (accepted)
Lordswood Colts (accepted)
Lordswood Panthers (accepted)
Lordswood Snooker Club 2007 (accepted)
Luton AFC (accepted)
Lynten Athletic (accepted)
Magpies (accepted)
Manchester City (accepted)
Manchester United (accepted)
Manor Wood (accepted)
Market Inn FC (accepted)
Marsaxlokk (accepted)
Marsh Athletic (accepted)
ME8 (accepted)
Medway 2000 (accepted)
Medway Jets (accepted)
Medway Jets (error) (accepted)
Medway Magic (accepted)
Medway NPU (accepted)
Medway Phoenix (accepted)
Medway Queen (accepted)
Mereworth United (accepted)
Midas (accepted)
Midas (accepted)
Middlesbrough (accepted)
Millfield (accepted)
Millfield Reserves (accepted)
Milton & Fulston (accepted)
Milton Green Wanderers (accepted)
Milton Park Rangers (accepted)
Minster College (accepted)
Minster FC (accepted)
Minster Sheppey (accepted)
Minster Sports (accepted)
Murata (accepted)
Murston Autos (accepted)
Napier Arms (accepted)
New Sheppey Revolution (accepted)
Newcastle United (accepted)
Newington Athletic (accepted)
Newington Village FC (accepted)
Nicholas Wyback (accepted)
Nore (accepted)
Oak Athletic (accepted)
Oak Athletic Reserves (accepted)
Old Ash Tree (accepted)
Old Oak (accepted)
Old Oak Reserves (accepted)
Olimpi (accepted)
Omega 92 (accepted)
Palace Guard (accepted)
Palmerston WMC (accepted)
Park Lane (accepted)
Park Lane Reserves (accepted)
Park Regis (accepted)
Park Regis (accepted)
Park Regis A (accepted)
Park Regis Kemsley (accepted)
Park Regis Reserves (accepted)
Park Regis Reserves (accepted)
Park Tavern (accepted)
Pegasus (accepted)
Pegasus Reserves (accepted)
Pentagon (accepted)
Pipers Fiat (accepted)
Plough & Chequers (accepted)
Pobeda (accepted)
Portsmouth (accepted)
Priestfield United (accepted)
Princes Park (accepted)
Pyunik (accepted)
Queen Phillipa (accepted)
Queens Head FC (accepted)
Quested (accepted)
Rainham 84 (accepted)
Rainham 84 Rovers (Youth) (accepted)
Rainham Athletic (accepted)
Rainham Eagles (accepted)
Rainham Eagles Reserves (accepted)
Rainham Kenilworth (accepted)
Rainham Kenilworth Reserves (accepted)
Rainham Rovers (accepted)
Rangers (accepted)
Reading (accepted)
Real 60 (accepted)
Real Murston (accepted)
Real Murston (accepted)
Real Rainham (accepted)
Red Dog (accepted)
Red Dog Reserves (accepted)
Red Lion (accepted)
Red Lion (accepted)
Red Lion Reserves (accepted)
Redbridge Rovers (accepted)
Redbridge Rovers (accepted)
Ridgeview A (accepted)
Ridgeview A (accepted)
Ridgeview GT Reserves (accepted)
Ridgeview Reserves (accepted)
Rifleman (accepted)
Riverview Rangers (accepted)
Rochester Bell (accepted)
Rosenborg (accepted)
Roseneath (accepted)
Rye Dewdrop (accepted)
Salzburg (accepted)
Sarajevo (accepted)
Sarena (accepted)
Scorpions (accepted)
Scorpions Reserves (accepted)
Shadoxhurst (accepted)
Shakhtar (accepted)
Sheerness CC (accepted)
Sheerness CC Res (accepted)
Sheerness Cricket Club Reserves (accepted)
Sheerness East (accepted)
Shepherd Neame (accepted)
Sheppey Spartans (accepted)
Sheppey Sports (accepted)
Sheppey United (accepted)
Sheriff (accepted)
Sherness CC (accepted)
Sherwood Dynamo (accepted)
Sittingbourne Dogs (accepted)
Sittingbourne Lions (accepted)
Sittingbourne Rangers (accepted)
Slavia (accepted)
South Celtic (accepted)
Southern Dynamo (accepted)
Sovereign Sports (accepted)
Spartac (accepted)
Spartac Reserves (accepted)
Spike Stars (accepted)
Spike Stars (accepted)
Sporting Sittingbourne (accepted)
Sporting Sittingbourne (accepted)
Sportsman (accepted)
Sportsman (accepted)
St Matthews (accepted)
Star Evolution (accepted)
Star Sports (accepted)
Stirling 2000 (accepted)
Stockbury Athletic (accepted)
Strood Crusaders (accepted)
Sunderland (accepted)
Swale Athletic (accepted)
Swallow Rise 93 (accepted)
Tampere (accepted)
Tempest (accepted)
Temple (accepted)
Temple (accepted)
Teynham Wanderers (accepted)
Teynham Wanderers (accepted)
The Beach (accepted)
The Beach (accepted)
The Bull (accepted)
The Co-op F.C (accepted)
The Goat (accepted)
The Phillipa (accepted)
The Ship (accepted)
Tirana (accepted)
TNS (accepted)
Tonics (accepted)
Tottenham Hotspur (accepted)
Towns Club (accepted)
Ts Leisure (accepted)
Twydall (accepted)
Twydall Reserves (accepted)
Upchurch United (accepted)
Valley Colts (accepted)
Ventspils (accepted)
Wainscott Arrows (accepted)
Walderslade (accepted)
Ward Homes (accepted)
West Ham United (accepted)
White Colts Athletic (accepted)
White Horse (accepted)
White Horse Res (accepted)
White Horse Rovers (accepted)
Whod Ha Thought It Lions (accepted)
Wigan Athletic (accepted)
Wigmore Youth (accepted)
Woodcombe (accepted)
Ypres Tavern (accepted)
Ypres Tavern (accepted)
Ypres Tavern (accepted)
Zagłębie (accepted)
Zaglebie (accepted)
Zeta (accepted)
Zeta (accepted)
Žilina (accepted)

My players

Clarke (accepted)
Barney Abbott (accepted)
Aaron Abbott (accepted)
Adams (accepted)
Andrew Adams (accepted)
Addison (accepted)
Agger (accepted)
Ainsley (accepted)
Andrew Aird (accepted)
Akhurst (accepted)
Akhurst (accepted)
Ali (accepted)
Simon Alland (accepted)
Oliver Allen (accepted)
Almond (accepted)
Dan Alvin (accepted)
Ambrose (accepted)
Ambrose (accepted)
Dan Ambrose (accepted)
Neil Ambrose (accepted)
Ola Amusa (accepted)
Anderson (accepted)
Andrews (accepted)
Maurice Andrews (accepted)
Ryan Andrews (accepted)
Anelka (accepted)
Aniechbe (accepted)
Ben Ansell (accepted)
Applecar (accepted)
Scott Appleton (accepted)
Apps (accepted)
Arca (accepted)
Armstrong (accepted)
Lee Armstrong (accepted)
Arnold (accepted)
Arnold (accepted)
Arnold (accepted)
Lee Arnold (accepted)
Richard Arthur (accepted)
Anthon Ash (accepted)
Tony Atkinson (accepted)
Austin (accepted)
Craig Austin (accepted)
Elliot Austin (accepted)
Luke Austin (accepted)
Terry Austin (accepted)
Ben Avers (accepted)
Aves (accepted)
Jeremy Aves (accepted)
Matt Aylward (accepted)
Baber (accepted)
Back (accepted)
Badham (accepted)
Tony Bageley (accepted)
Tony Bagley (accepted)
Bailey (accepted)
Baker (accepted)
Baker (accepted)
Paul Baker (accepted)
Rob Baker (accepted)
Mark Baldock (accepted)
Baley (accepted)
Tom Ball (accepted)
Danny Bangs (accepted)
Jason Banner (accepted)
Barden (accepted)
Barker (accepted)
Barlow (accepted)
Glen Barlow (accepted)
Barnard (accepted)
Dan Barnard (accepted)
Barnett (accepted)
Barry (accepted)
Dean Barry (accepted)
Damien Bartlett (accepted)
Frank Bartlett (accepted)
Grant Bartlett (accepted)
Steve Bartlett (accepted)
Barton (accepted)
Neil Barton (accepted)
Basden (accepted)
Bateman (accepted)
Bates (accepted)
Jamie Baverstock (accepted)
Ricky Baverstock (accepted)
Ricky Baverstock (accepted)
Pete Baynard (accepted)
Dane Beard (accepted)
Beaumont (accepted)
Beaumont (accepted)
Paul Beck (accepted)
Craig Beckwith (accepted)
Nicky Beckwith (accepted)
James Beech (accepted)
Karim Belehadad (accepted)
Bellairs (accepted)
Tom Belsey (accepted)
Bendelow (accepted)
Ryan Bendelow (accepted)
Bennett (accepted)
Chris Bensen (accepted)
Chris Bensen (accepted)
Bent (accepted)
Tom Bergin (accepted)
Berry (accepted)
Bertram (accepted)
Best (accepted)
Best (accepted)
Ben Best (accepted)
Bianchi (accepted)
Bicker (accepted)
Bikey (accepted)
Bishenden (accepted)
Bishop (accepted)
Jake Bishop (accepted)
Paul Bishop (accepted)
Paul Bishop (accepted)
Bit-David (accepted)
Blackburn (accepted)
Jason Blackburn (accepted)
Robert Blair (accepted)
Tony Blake (accepted)
Boast (accepted)
Antony Boast (accepted)
Boichatt (accepted)
Bolisfield (accepted)
Glen Bolton (accepted)
Darren Boneywell (accepted)
Booker (accepted)
Daniel Boorman (accepted)
Bootes (accepted)
Borthwick (accepted)
Michael Bottiglieri (accepted)
Bourner (accepted)
Bourner (accepted)
Bourner (accepted)
Darren Bourner (accepted)
Bourney (accepted)
Matt Bowles (accepted)
Bowyer (accepted)
Harry Boyd (accepted)
Braaten (accepted)
John Brace (accepted)
Brackstone (accepted)
Brackstone (accepted)
Michael Bradbury (accepted)
Roy Branch (accepted)
Steve Branton (accepted)
Steve Branton (accepted)
Brennan (accepted)
Lee Brett (accepted)
Josh Brewer (accepted)
Bridgeland (accepted)
Bridges (accepted)
Bridges (accepted)
Scott Briffitt (accepted)
Sam Briggs (accepted)
Phil Briley (accepted)
James Brincatt (accepted)
Ross Brookes (accepted)
Brooks (accepted)
Ben Brooks (accepted)
Brown (accepted)
Brown (accepted)
Brown (accepted)
Brown (accepted)
Brown (accepted)
Brown (accepted)
Alan Brown (accepted)
Anthony Brown (accepted)
Browning (accepted)
Max Bruce (accepted)
Bryant (accepted)
Bryant (accepted)
Bryant (accepted)
Dan Bryant (accepted)
Matt Bryant (accepted)
Richard Buchanan (accepted)
Bucking (accepted)
Scott Bucklen (accepted)
Buckley (accepted)
Bull (accepted)
Bull (accepted)
Burgundy (accepted)
Burke (accepted)
Aaron Burrett (accepted)
Butchers (accepted)
Dan Butler (accepted)
Buxton (accepted)
Mark Buxton (accepted)
Mark Buxton (accepted)
Paul Byrne (accepted)
Robert Cable (accepted)
Caine (accepted)
Luke Calvert (accepted)
Cameron (accepted)
Peter Cameron (accepted)
Ty Cameron (accepted)
Ollie Camp (accepted)
Ollie Camp (accepted)
Campbell (accepted)
Canford (accepted)
Dom Caprice (accepted)
Caroll (accepted)
Carpenter (accepted)
Carter (accepted)
Cartmer (accepted)
Cashford (accepted)
Adam Cashford (accepted)
Catlin (accepted)
Cattermole (accepted)
Caulker (accepted)
Chalky (accepted)
Chalky (accepted)
Chan (accepted)
Elliot Chandler (accepted)
Chapman (accepted)
Ricky Chapman (accepted)
Cheese (accepted)
Brian Cheeseman (accepted)
Chester (accepted)
Ashley Chester (accepted)
Mark Chivers (accepted)
Chiverton (accepted)
Mark Chiverton (accepted)
Chopra (accepted)
Spillet Chris (accepted)
Christy (accepted)
Church (accepted)
Claridge (accepted)
Ashley Claridge (accepted)
Elliott Clark (accepted)
Robin Clark (accepted)
Clarke (accepted)
Clarke (accepted)
Aaron Clarke (accepted)
Joe Clarkson (accepted)
Sam Clarkson (accepted)
Clayton (accepted)
Jim Clement (accepted)
Peter Clowes (accepted)
Dan Coates (accepted)
Cobb (accepted)
Billy Cobb (accepted)
Coburn (accepted)
James Cockburn (accepted)
Dennis Coe (accepted)
Dennis Coe (accepted)
Coffey (accepted)
Cole (accepted)
Colenut (accepted)
John Collingwood (accepted)
Collins (accepted)
Collins (accepted)
Nicky Collins (accepted)
Spencer Collyer (accepted)
George Connelly (accepted)
Coomber (accepted)
Cooper (accepted)
Glen Cooper (accepted)
Lee Cooper (accepted)
Leon Cooper (accepted)
Stefan Cooper (accepted)
Lee Corbett (accepted)
Matt Cornelius (accepted)
Costa (accepted)
Gary Costen (accepted)
John Cotton (accepted)
Coulson (accepted)
Tom Coulter (accepted)
Court (accepted)
Daniel Creed (accepted)
Lewis Crocker (accepted)
Crofts (accepted)
Aaron Cronin (accepted)
Mike Crossley (accepted)
Chris Croucher (accepted)
Daniel Cummings (accepted)
Jack Cummings (accepted)
Nick Cummings (accepted)
Paul Cunningham (accepted)
Matt Cunningham (accepted)
Daffy (accepted)
Luke Daffy (accepted)
Dan Dalla (accepted)
Dalton (accepted)
Darling (accepted)
Luke Austin & Darren Delport (accepted)
Alex David (accepted)
Josh David (accepted)
Pete Davies (accepted)
Carl Davies (accepted)
Davis (accepted)
Ryan Davis (accepted)
Davison (accepted)
Day (accepted)
Defide (accepted)
Defoe (accepted)
Tony Degiorgio (accepted)
Anthony Dell (accepted)
Anthony Dell (accepted)
Darren Delport (accepted)
Joe Demion (accepted)
Simon DEmmanuelle (accepted)
Dempsey (accepted)
Dion Dempsey (accepted)
Denness (accepted)
Dennis (accepted)
Grant Dennis (accepted)
Derbyshire (accepted)
Derry (accepted)
Mark Derry (accepted)
Devereux (accepted)
Devine (accepted)
Tom Devitt (accepted)
Diamond (accepted)
Diamond (accepted)
Diddams (accepted)
Paul Difede (accepted)
Martin Difide (accepted)
Diimond (accepted)
Dipper (accepted)
Dipper (accepted)
Ben Dockray (accepted)
Ben Dockwray (accepted)
Dodds (accepted)
Michael Dodsworth (accepted)
Doe (accepted)
Ashley Doe (accepted)
Jason Doe (accepted)
Tom Doherty (accepted)
Donnelly (accepted)
Donoghue (accepted)
Douglas (accepted)
Sean Dover (accepted)
Dovey (accepted)
Craig Dovey (accepted)
Downing (accepted)
Aaron Doyle (accepted)
Michael Doyle (accepted)
Matt Drake (accepted)
Jamie Drew (accepted)
Drogba (accepted)
Dudgan (accepted)
Duke (accepted)
Dunk (accepted)
Dunn (accepted)
Jack Dunphy (accepted)
East (accepted)
Eastwood (accepted)
Edge (accepted)
Rob Edge (accepted)
Ben Edgecombe (accepted)
Edkins (accepted)
Edkins (accepted)
Mike Edmonds (accepted)
Edwards (accepted)
Edwards (accepted)
Edwards (accepted)
Sean Edwards (accepted)
Eldridge (accepted)
Eldridge (accepted)
Cliff Eldridge (accepted)
Ellis (accepted)
Ellis (accepted)
Ellis (accepted)
Dan Elmes (accepted)
James Elston (accepted)
Emerick (accepted)
Karl Emerick (accepted)
Mel Emmett (accepted)
Jay Epps (accepted)
Essien (accepted)
Chris Etridge (accepted)
Evans (accepted)
Evans (accepted)
Evans (accepted)
Jack Evans (accepted)
Leon Evans (accepted)
Exall (accepted)
Mark Excell (accepted)
Fabregas (accepted)
Falcover (accepted)
Nathan Farr (accepted)
Carl Farrow (accepted)
Fatling (accepted)
Luke Faulkner (accepted)
Alex Fay (accepted)
Alex Fay (accepted)
Freddie Fayers (accepted)
Adam Featherstone (accepted)
Lloyd Fellows (accepted)
Ferguson (accepted)
Neil Ferguson (accepted)
Nick Ferguson (accepted)
Ben Ferrell (accepted)
Fill (accepted)
Filmer (accepted)
Steve Filmer (accepted)
David Finch (accepted)
Fisher (accepted)
Fitzgerald (accepted)
Dave Fitzgerald (accepted)
Fleming (accepted)
Fleming (accepted)
Luke Fleming (accepted)
Flower (accepted)
Jeff Foggo (accepted)
Dave Fordwick (accepted)
Forssell (accepted)
Tommy Forster (accepted)
Foster (accepted)
Foster (accepted)
Francis (accepted)
Craig Frankland (accepted)
Jay Fraser (accepted)
Fray (accepted)
Phil Fray (accepted)
Freeman (accepted)
Ricky Freeman (accepted)
French (accepted)
Liam French (accepted)
Jamie Friday (accepted)
Simon Friday (accepted)
Friend (accepted)
Mark Froome (accepted)
Dan Frost (accepted)
Harry Fry (accepted)
Fuller (accepted)
Jay Furner (accepted)
Gambie (accepted)
Gardiner (accepted)
Aaron Gardiner (accepted)
Gardner (accepted)
Garlinge (accepted)
Marty Garrett (accepted)
Gascoigne (accepted)
Simon Gearing (accepted)
Geovanni (accepted)
Ricky German (accepted)
Gerrard (accepted)
Gianquinto (accepted)
Gibbs (accepted)
Gibson (accepted)
Giggs (accepted)
Steve Giles (accepted)
Craig Glacier (accepted)
Gladdish (accepted)
own goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
own goal (accepted)
own goal (accepted)
own goal (accepted)
own goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Own Goal (accepted)
Golding (accepted)
Golding (accepted)
Steve Golding (accepted)
Harry Goodger (accepted)
Stephen Goodrum (accepted)
Steve Goodwin (accepted)
Gore (accepted)
Goulette (accepted)
Andy Goulette (accepted)
Sean Gowen (accepted)
Graham (accepted)
Graham (accepted)
Callum Graham (accepted)
Grant (accepted)
Matthew Grant (accepted)
Gray (accepted)
Green (accepted)
Green (accepted)
Gavin Green (accepted)
Steve Green (accepted)
Tim Greenhill (accepted)
Gregory (accepted)
Gregory (accepted)
Ian Gregory (accepted)
Griffin (accepted)
Griffin (accepted)
Ben Griffin (accepted)
Daniel Griffin (accepted)
Grigsby (accepted)
Grimwade (accepted)
Ryan Grist (accepted)
Grant Groom (accepted)
Micky Grounds (accepted)
Gary Groves (accepted)
Guerra (accepted)
A Guest (accepted)
Ricky Gundry (accepted)
Andy Hales (accepted)
Michael Hales (accepted)
Hall (accepted)
Hall (accepted)
Joe Hallett (accepted)
Hamelin (accepted)
Nick Hamer (accepted)
Jack Hammill (accepted)
Scott Hannah (accepted)
Hanshaw (accepted)
Hanshaw (accepted)
Dan Hanshaw (accepted)
Haplin (accepted)
Luke Harcourt (accepted)
Richard Hardcastle (accepted)
Harding (accepted)
Martin Harding (accepted)
Jamie Harman (accepted)
Harper (accepted)
Kurt Harper (accepted)
Harrigan (accepted)
Harris (accepted)
Harris (accepted)
Ben Harris (accepted)
Elliott Harris (accepted)
William Harris (accepted)
Harrison (accepted)
Harrison (accepted)
Edwin Harrison (accepted)
Jason Harrison (accepted)
Riad Harrison (accepted)
Hartnell (accepted)
Hartnett (accepted)
Luke Harvey (accepted)
Hasan Hassan (accepted)
Joe Haughey (accepted)
Joe Haughey (accepted)
Joe Haughey (accepted)
Hawkins (accepted)
Hawkins (accepted)
Hawks (accepted)
John Head (accepted)
Healy (accepted)
Sam Heather (accepted)
Heathfield (accepted)
Helguson (accepted)
Wayne Hepburn (accepted)
Liam Herbert (accepted)
Heskey (accepted)
Hetterley (accepted)
Ashley Hewitt (accepted)
James Hewitt (accepted)
Ben Hicks (accepted)
Steve Higgins (accepted)
Higginson (accepted)
Paul High (accepted)
Hill (accepted)
Tom Hill (accepted)
Hinde (accepted)
Shaun Hinton (accepted)
Hleb (accepted)
Aaron Hodges (accepted)
Jamie Holden (accepted)
John Holdsworth (accepted)
Holland (accepted)
Lee Holland (accepted)
Mark Hollands (accepted)
Simon Hollands (accepted)
Hollis (accepted)
Craig Hollis (accepted)
Holmes (accepted)
Holmes (accepted)
Russell Hood (accepted)
Hopkins (accepted)
Hopper (accepted)
Horsington (accepted)
Joe Hoult (accepted)
Howard (accepted)
Howells (accepted)
Rory Howrihane (accepted)
Dan Hudson (accepted)
Kieran Hudson (accepted)
James Huggins (accepted)
Lewis Huggins (accepted)
Hughes (accepted)
Hughes (accepted)
Hughes (accepted)
D Hughes (accepted)
S Hughes (accepted)
Wayne Hughes (accepted)
Hulse (accepted)
Dan Humblestone (accepted)
Carl Humphrey (accepted)
James Humphrey (accepted)
Humphries (accepted)
Hunt (accepted)
Hunt (accepted)
Ben Huntley (accepted)
Jonny Huntley (accepted)
Zeke Hussein (accepted)
Sean Hussey (accepted)
Hutheray (accepted)
Hutson (accepted)
Scott Hutson (accepted)
Hyland (accepted)
Hypola (accepted)
Tom Ianson (accepted)
Sarvat Idris (accepted)
Iheme (accepted)
Illsley (accepted)
Kane Illsley (accepted)
Ingram (accepted)
Andy Irving (accepted)
Irwin (accepted)
Jackson (accepted)
Phil Jackson (accepted)
Rob Jackson (accepted)
Jago (accepted)
Tony Jarret (accepted)
Jarrett (accepted)
Jarrett (accepted)
Damian Jarrett (accepted)
Tony Jarrett (accepted)
Jarvis (accepted)
Adam Jarvis (accepted)
Alan Jefferies (accepted)
David Jeffery (accepted)
Terry Jefferys (accepted)
Jeffrey (accepted)
Jenas (accepted)
Dan Jenkins (accepted)
Michael Jenner (accepted)
Jennings (accepted)
Jennings (accepted)
Jennings (accepted)
Jerome (accepted)
John (accepted)
Johnson (accepted)
Johnson (accepted)
Johnson (accepted)
Johnson (accepted)
Johnson (accepted)
Johnson (accepted)
Adam Johnson (accepted)
Jones (accepted)
Jones (accepted)
Jones (accepted)
Jones (accepted)
Jones (accepted)
Mark Jones (accepted)
Jordan (accepted)
Jordan (accepted)
Jordan (accepted)
Neil Jordan (accepted)
Tommy Jordan (accepted)
Darren Jowitt (accepted)
Julian (accepted)
Jury (accepted)
Justine (accepted)
Justine (accepted)
Kane (accepted)
Kanu (accepted)
Kapo (accepted)
Kast (accepted)
Keats (accepted)
Matt Keats (accepted)
Keegan (accepted)
Saul Kelf (accepted)
Kelly (accepted)
Kelly (accepted)
Martin Kemsley (accepted)
Ryan Kennedy (accepted)
Alex Kerslake (accepted)
Dave King (accepted)
Aaron King (accepted)
Chris King (accepted)
Kingsford (accepted)
Kingsford (accepted)
Jamie Kingsnorth (accepted)
Kirby (accepted)
Kirby (accepted)
Kirslake (accepted)
Kirsty (accepted)
Kirtley (accepted)
Nick Kirtley (accepted)
James Kitchen (accepted)
Klimcke (accepted)
Knight (accepted)
Stuart Knight (accepted)
Knight o.g. (accepted)
Sam Knights (accepted)
Kumar (accepted)
Kurszewski (accepted)
Kypreos (accepted)
Lake (accepted)
Ben Lake (accepted)
Lamb (accepted)
Lamb (accepted)
Lambard (accepted)
Lampard (accepted)
James Lancaster (accepted)
Landzaat (accepted)
Laursen o.g. (accepted)
Lavender (accepted)
Michael Lavender (accepted)
Lavin (accepted)
Jay Law (accepted)
Laws (accepted)
Matt Ledger (accepted)
Ledsham (accepted)
Lee (accepted)
Lee (accepted)
Bill Lee (accepted)
Dan Lee (accepted)
Jamie Lee (accepted)
Ross Lee (accepted)
Leigh (accepted)
Gary Leigh (accepted)
Lescott (accepted)
Liam Lewery (accepted)
Marcus Lind (accepted)
Lindsell (accepted)
Adam Ling (accepted)
Lock (accepted)
Ben Locker (accepted)
Lodge (accepted)
Kevin Lodge (accepted)
Long (accepted)
Tom Loynes (accepted)
Lucas (accepted)
Matt Luckhurst (accepted)
Martin Lumby (accepted)
Carl Lund (accepted)
Luton (accepted)
Andy Luxton (accepted)
Mabb (accepted)
A Mabb (accepted)
Alex Mabb (accepted)
M Mabb (accepted)
Clark Maboussou (accepted)
James MacDonald (accepted)
Dan Mackness (accepted)
Ross MacRae (accepted)
Ross MacRae (accepted)
Madge (accepted)
Scott Maher (accepted)
Mahm (accepted)
Malbranque (accepted)
Malloy (accepted)
Malone (accepted)
Lee Malone (accepted)
Maloney (accepted)
Malouda (accepted)
Kuldip Mann (accepted)
Kuldip Mann (accepted)
Lee Mannering (accepted)
Manning (accepted)
Mansley (accepted)
Thami Maphango (accepted)
Chris Marco (accepted)
Marriott (accepted)
James Marriott (accepted)
Marsden (accepted)
Marsden (accepted)
Darren Marsden (accepted)
Lee Marsh (accepted)
Lee Marsh (accepted)
Marshall (accepted)
Martin (accepted)
Martin (accepted)
Martin (accepted)
Rob Martin (accepted)
Rob Martin (accepted)
Rob Martin (accepted)
Steve Martin (accepted)
Martins (accepted)
Mason (accepted)
Jimmy Matthews (accepted)
May (accepted)
Lee May (accepted)
Owen McAllister (accepted)
McArthur (accepted)
McBride (accepted)
McClelland (accepted)
Cuan McCloughlin (accepted)
McCready (accepted)
Danny McDonagh (accepted)
McDonald (accepted)
McFadden (accepted)
Tom McFarley (accepted)
Wayne McGarrey (accepted)
McKenna (accepted)
Ben McManus (accepted)
Ben McManus (accepted)
Ben McManus (accepted)
McShane o.g. (accepted)
McVay (accepted)
Jamie Medhurst (accepted)
Tony Mendetta (accepted)
Ron Mercer (accepted)
Meredith (accepted)
Justin Meyer (accepted)
Miah (accepted)
Adam Middleton (accepted)
Mido (accepted)
Nick Miles (accepted)
Ryan Miles (accepted)
Mills (accepted)
Mills (accepted)
Mills (accepted)
Mills (accepted)
James Mills (accepted)
Nicky Mills (accepted)
Mingal (accepted)
Rafael Mingle (accepted)
Minte (accepted)
Kieran Mitchell (accepted)
Jason Mitchelmore (accepted)
John Montague (accepted)
Ross Moody (accepted)
Moore (accepted)
Moore (accepted)
Moore (accepted)
Morgan (accepted)
Morgan (accepted)
Morgan (accepted)
Ashley Morgan (accepted)
Colin Morgan (accepted)
Morinety (accepted)
Alex Morley (accepted)
Ross Morphey (accepted)
Dean Morrison (accepted)
J Morrison (accepted)
Shane Morrison (accepted)
Chris Mosey (accepted)
Mucklestone (accepted)
Mucklestone (accepted)
Mudge (accepted)
Graeme Muir (accepted)
Graeme Muir (accepted)
Abraham Mulue (accepted)
Murphy (accepted)
James Murphy (accepted)
Liam Murphy (accepted)
Murray (accepted)
Murray (accepted)
Mwaruwari (accepted)
Naish (accepted)
Nani (accepted)
Nash (accepted)
Nash (accepted)
Danny Negus (accepted)
Jack Negus (accepted)
James Negus (accepted)
Matt Negus (accepted)
Neville (accepted)
Nevin (accepted)
Chris Newell (accepted)
Ian Nicholas (accepted)
Nicholls (accepted)
Nicholls (accepted)
Nicholson (accepted)
Ferguson Nick (accepted)
Noble (accepted)
Shane Northgate (accepted)
Ian Notley (accepted)
Shane Nottage (accepted)
Nunn (accepted)
Nunn (accepted)
Gavin Nunn (accepted)
NZogbia (accepted)
o.g. (accepted)
o.g. (accepted)
o.g. (accepted)
o.g. (accepted)
o.g. (accepted)
o.g. (accepted)
o.g. (accepted)
o.g. (accepted)
Oakley (accepted)
OBrien (accepted)
OBrien (accepted)
OConnor (accepted)
Ronnie OConnor (accepted)
Louis ODonnell (accepted)
Matt OKeefe (accepted)
Olds (accepted)
Olds (accepted)
Olivera (accepted)
Openiyan (accepted)
Bizmark Oppong (accepted)
Chris Ormerod (accepted)
Wes Orr (accepted)
Osborne (accepted)
Osborne (accepted)
Osborne (accepted)
Lee Osborne (accepted)
Stuart Osborne (accepted)
Osman (accepted)
OSullivan (accepted)
Osullivan (accepted)
Andrew Oswell (accepted)
Jamie Oswell (accepted)
Austin Otolorin (accepted)
Peter Overton (accepted)
Luke Owen (accepted)
Richard Owen (accepted)
own goal (accepted)
Paddock (accepted)
Joe Page (accepted)
Matt Page (accepted)
R. Paige (accepted)
Palmer (accepted)
Ty Palmer (accepted)
James Pamplin (accepted)
Dan Pandlett (accepted)
Pandya (accepted)
Parker (accepted)
Troy Parker (accepted)
Dave Parker (accepted)
John Parker (accepted)
Luke Parker (accepted)
Parmenter (accepted)
Ben Parr-Collins (accepted)
Parris (accepted)
Patterson (accepted)
Bishop Paul (accepted)
Payne (accepted)
Payne (accepted)
Payne (accepted)
Payne (accepted)
Alan Payne (accepted)
Andy Payne (accepted)
Jim Payne (accepted)
Matthew Payne (accepted)
Adam Peacock (accepted)
Bradley Pearce (accepted)
Jason Pearce (accepted)
Carl Pearton (accepted)
Peat (accepted)
Matt Peat (accepted)
Peck (accepted)
Kevin Peckham (accepted)
Sam Peeps (accepted)
Sean Pelling (accepted)
Josh Penfold (accepted)
Jason Perry (accepted)
Peters (accepted)
David Peters (accepted)
Andy Peters (accepted)
Chay Peters (accepted)
Mark Peters (accepted)
Matthew Peters (accepted)
Ryan Peters (accepted)
Pettett (accepted)
Chris Petts (accepted)
Phamplett (accepted)
Phillips (accepted)
Ryan Philpott (accepted)
Pilick (accepted)
Pimlott (accepted)
Pimm (accepted)
Pizarro (accepted)
Poad (accepted)
Andy Poad (accepted)
Potter (accepted)
Ian Potter (accepted)
Lee Potter (accepted)
Scott Potter (accepted)
Mark Powell (accepted)
Rob Power (accepted)
Anthony Poynter (accepted)
Matt Prebble (accepted)
Sam Prescott (accepted)
Presland (accepted)
Price (accepted)
Price (accepted)
Matt Price (accepted)
Tommy Price (accepted)
Pring (accepted)
Craig Prior (accepted)
Prudence (accepted)
Jamie Pryor (accepted)
Pullen (accepted)
Purser (accepted)
Neil Purser (accepted)
Peter Puttock (accepted)
Pymm (accepted)
Steven Quelch (accepted)
Gurnip Randhawa (accepted)
Ranphane (accepted)
Rastack (accepted)
Michael Rastall (accepted)
Read (accepted)
Andy Read (accepted)
Steven Read (accepted)
Readings (accepted)
Reilly (accepted)
James Reynolds (accepted)
Paul Reynolds (accepted)
Richards (accepted)
Richardson (accepted)
Alex Richardson (accepted)
Josh Richardson (accepted)
Justin Richens (accepted)
Aaron Ridley (accepted)
Riley (accepted)
Harry Ring (accepted)
Lewis Ring (accepted)
Roberts (accepted)
Rogers (accepted)
Rogers (accepted)
Rogers (accepted)
Hugh Rogers (accepted)
Warren Roots (accepted)
Rose (accepted)
Mark Rothery (accepted)
Rowe (accepted)
Matt Rowe (accepted)
Steve Rowson (accepted)
Adam Roxborough (accepted)
Simon Rudd (accepted)
Sean Rudland (accepted)
Sean Rudland (accepted)
Russell (accepted)
John Russell (accepted)
Will Russell (accepted)
Russon (accepted)
Peter Sage (accepted)
Paul Sait (accepted)
Salt (accepted)
Sanderson (accepted)
Sanderson (accepted)
Rob Sands (accepted)
Gary Sansom (accepted)
Santa Cruz (accepted)
Saunders (accepted)
Dan Saunders (accepted)
Graham Saunders (accepted)
Joe Sawyer (accepted)
Saywell (accepted)
Brad Scales (accepted)
Scharner (accepted)
Scholes (accepted)
Scott (accepted)
Scott (accepted)
Jason Scott (accepted)
Dane Sears (accepted)
Secrett (accepted)
Jack Seed (accepted)
Josh Shakeshaft (accepted)
Chris Shakilli (accepted)
Sharman (accepted)
Jamie Sharman (accepted)
Shearwood (accepted)
Ashley Sheehan (accepted)
Sheepwash (accepted)
Dave Sheepwash (accepted)
Ian Shepherd (accepted)
Stuart Shilling (accepted)
Shoker (accepted)
Shonk (accepted)
Short (accepted)
Gavin Sibbick (accepted)
Sibierski (accepted)
Calvyn Sills (accepted)
Brad Simmonds (accepted)
James Simmons (accepted)
Kyle Simmons (accepted)
Simpson (accepted)
Simpson (accepted)
Sissoko (accepted)
Skeen (accepted)
Skinner (accepted)
Skinner (accepted)
Conner Slater (accepted)
Darren Slater (accepted)
Slociak (accepted)
Scott Slociak (accepted)
Smertin (accepted)
Smith (accepted)
Smith (accepted)
Smith (accepted)
Smith (accepted)
Smith (accepted)
Smith (accepted)
Smith (accepted)
Smith (accepted)
Smith (accepted)
Smith (accepted)
Ashley Smith (accepted)
Jason Smith (accepted)
John-Paul Smith (accepted)
John-Paul Smith (accepted)
Lee Smith (accepted)
Luke Smith (accepted)
Mike Smith (accepted)
Russell Smith (accepted)
Sean Smith (accepted)
Dan Snashall (accepted)
Dan Solari (accepted)
Somerset (accepted)
Sopur (accepted)
Speed (accepted)
Shaun Speller (accepted)
Spence (accepted)
Spence (accepted)
Rich Spillard (accepted)
Terry Spillard (accepted)
Chris Spillet (accepted)
Nathan Spocchia (accepted)
Springate (accepted)
L Squires (accepted)
Scott Squires (accepted)
Stace (accepted)
Craig Stace (accepted)
Stacey (accepted)
Dave Stacey (accepted)
Stanley (accepted)
Stanton (accepted)
Danny Stark (accepted)
Stevens (accepted)
Stevens (accepted)
Dean Stevens (accepted)
Stiles (accepted)
Stone (accepted)
Stubbs (accepted)
Ross Studholme (accepted)
Lee Sturgeon (accepted)
Sutton (accepted)
Sutton (accepted)
Swain (accepted)
Swaine (accepted)
Swaine (accepted)
Ciaron Swann (accepted)
Guy Swarbrick (accepted)
Phil Swatton (accepted)
Chris Taenas (accepted)
Taggart (accepted)
Steve Talbot (accepted)
Taylor (accepted)
Taylor (accepted)
Taylor (accepted)
Ben Taylor (accepted)
Lee Taylor (accepted)
Martin Taylor (accepted)
Matt Taylor (accepted)
Scott Taylor (accepted)
Terry (accepted)
Teddy Testaision (accepted)
Theobald (accepted)
Matt Theobold (accepted)
Thomas (accepted)
Thomas (accepted)
Paul Thomas (accepted)
Paul Thomas (accepted)
Ricky Thomas (accepted)
Thomsett (accepted)
Thorn (accepted)
Darren Thorn (accepted)
Matt Thornton (accepted)
Thorpe (accepted)
Lewis Thresher (accepted)
Tickner (accepted)
Chris Tilley (accepted)
Luke Tingley (accepted)
Tinglin (accepted)
Luke Titshall (accepted)
Tizzano (accepted)
Todd (accepted)
Adam Todd (accepted)
Chris Toms (accepted)
Gary Toms (accepted)
Gary Toms (accepted)
Torode (accepted)
Torres (accepted)
Townsend (accepted)
Trageser (accepted)
Simon Trageser (accepted)
Simon Tregesar (accepted)
Tremain (accepted)
Tripp (accepted)
Tripp (accepted)
Trusty (accepted)
Tubby (accepted)
Tumber (accepted)
Lee Turner (accepted)
Andy Turnham (accepted)
Paul Tyler (accepted)
Antony Uden (accepted)
Antony Uden (accepted)
unknown (accepted)
unknown (accepted)
Unsworth (accepted)
Ian Unsworth (accepted)
Deniz Urdal (accepted)
Ryan Usher (accepted)
Utaka (accepted)
Ashley Vail (accepted)
Giacomino Vail (accepted)
Van Persie (accepted)
Vary (accepted)
Vechiolla (accepted)
Venco (accepted)
Verrall (accepted)
Viduka (accepted)
Vivash (accepted)
Daryl Vivash (accepted)
Voronin (accepted)
Jamie Waddington (accepted)
Waldron (accepted)
Mike Walker (accepted)
Wallington (accepted)
Ian Wallis-Eade (accepted)
Walsh (accepted)
Luke Walshaw (accepted)
Nick Walshaw (accepted)
Chris Ward (accepted)
Jamie Ward (accepted)
Robert Ware (accepted)
Warman (accepted)
Warren (accepted)
Craig Watkins (accepted)
Gary Watkins (accepted)
Chris Watson (accepted)
Dave Watson (accepted)
Watts (accepted)
Lee Wealdon (accepted)
Weavers (accepted)
Simon Weavers (accepted)
Webb (accepted)
Webb (accepted)
Webb (accepted)
Tyron Webb (accepted)
Phill Welch (accepted)
Welfare (accepted)
Welfare (accepted)
Rob Welling (accepted)
Wells (accepted)
Welsh (accepted)
Welsh (accepted)
Welsh (accepted)
Welsh (accepted)
Welsh (accepted)
Welsh (accepted)
Paul Welsh (accepted)
Scott Welsh (accepted)
West (accepted)
Westcott (accepted)
Lee Whalin (accepted)
Wheeler (accepted)
White (accepted)
White (accepted)
Dave White (accepted)
Gerry White (accepted)
Whiting (accepted)
Liam Whybrow (accepted)
Whyman (accepted)
Gavin Whyman (accepted)
Aaron Whyman (accepted)
Wickham (accepted)
Anthony Wiggan (accepted)
John Wiggum (accepted)
James Wildish (accepted)
Leigh Wildish (accepted)
Wilkins (accepted)
Wilkins (accepted)
Wilkinson (accepted)
Wilkinson (accepted)
Rob Wilkinson (accepted)
Brian Willett (accepted)
Williams (accepted)
Williams (accepted)
Williams (accepted)
Williams (accepted)
Dan Williams (accepted)
Mike Williams (accepted)
Willoughby (accepted)
Jason Wilmore (accepted)
Wilson (accepted)
Sam Winnard (accepted)
Winslow (accepted)
Dan Winterbourne (accepted)
Wiromb (accepted)
Wise (accepted)
Wisewell (accepted)
Lee Witherden (accepted)
Wood (accepted)
Wood (accepted)
Ashley Wood (accepted)
Chris Wood (accepted)
Woodard (accepted)
Woodland (accepted)
Woods (accepted)
Woodward (accepted)
Dave Woodward (accepted)
Richard Woolston (accepted)
Woolven (accepted)
Ricky Woolven (accepted)
Worsfold (accepted)
Wray (accepted)
Nicky Wren (accepted)
Wright (accepted)
Liam Wybraniec (accepted)
Ariole Yallana (accepted)
Yazamaidi (accepted)
Dave Yearwood (accepted)
Simon York (accepted)
Young (accepted)
Young (accepted)
Nathan Young (accepted)
Nathan Young (accepted)
Nathan Young (accepted)
Matt Youseman (accepted)

My leagues

Barclays Premier League (accepted)
Medway Messenger Sunday League (accepted)
Medway Sunday League (accepted)
Sheppey Sunday Football League (accepted)
UEFA Champions League (accepted)

My divisions

Premier League (accepted)
Senior Section (accepted)
Premier Division (accepted)
Division One (accepted)
Division Two (accepted)
Division Three (accepted)
Division Four (accepted)
Division Five (accepted)
Combination (accepted)
Division One (accepted)
Division Two (accepted)
Division Three (accepted)
Combination Division (accepted)

My knockout competitions

Junior Cup (accepted)
FA Sunday Cup (accepted)
First Qualifying Round (accepted)
Junior Challenge Shield (accepted)
Junior Charity Cup (accepted)
Junior Charity Cup (accepted)
Junior Charity Trophy (accepted)
Junior Cup (accepted)
Junior Trophy (accepted)
KCFA Sunday Junior Cup (accepted)
KCFA Sunday Junior Trophy (accepted)
KCFA Sunday Premier Cup (accepted)
Medway 7s (accepted)
Medway Messenger Cup (accepted)
Pre-season cup (accepted)
Rose Bowl (accepted)
Senior Challenge Shield (accepted)
Senior Charity (accepted)
Senior Cup (accepted)
Senior Cup (accepted)
Sheppey 6-a-side (accepted)