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nunnjam supports Chesterfield. nunnjam's last login time was Friday, 23 May 2008 at 10:37. nunnjam has reached the Professional User level on

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My teams

AFC Angel (expired)
Barlow Kingston Rovers (expired)
Black Swan (expired)
Brampton Manor (expired)
Carr Vale Utd (expired)
Castle Arms (expired)
Creswell Rose & Crown (expired)
Derbyshire Times (expired)
Devonshire FC (expired)
Dronfield Victoria (expired)
Elmton Road SC (expired)
Grouse Old Boys (expired)
hartington wanderers (expired)
hasland dev (expired)
Hasland Devonshire (expired)
Innovate (expired)
K.D.West End Reserves (expired)
Miners Arms (expired)
Royal Oak Brampton (expired)
Talbot Arms Barracudas (expired)
The Olde House (expired)

My players

Mark Alderson (expired)
Mark Allison (expired)
Mark Barnett (expired)
John Barson (expired)
Nigel Brown (expired)
Mathew Carnell (expired)
gareth fox (expired)
Philip Grant (expired)
Andy Hall (expired)
Sean James (expired)
Andy Kelly (expired)
Dave Kelly (expired)
adam lomas (expired)
Daron Mcguyre (expired)
Jamie Nunn (expired)
Shane Nunn (expired)
Craig Oldfield (expired)
Kevin Oldfield (expired)
Adam Rhodes (expired)
Richard Roberts (expired)
Kirk Leon Smith (expired)
Christopher Stone (expired)
Mike Stone (expired)
Phillip Stone (expired)
John Strawinski (expired)

My leagues

Chesterfield & District Sunday Football League (expired)

My divisions

division 5 (expired)
Division 7 (expired)